What Size Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

Are you looking for ways to improve your arsenal for automotive work? If yes, you need an impact wrench and If, you are an automotive worker you have to know the size impact wrench for automotive work.  There are many uses of the tool, such as loosening and tightening the nuts when working on your car. The tool is also one of the best options if you work in automotive that requires high rotational torque.What Size Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

However, there are many factors to consider when choosing an impact wrench. For example, which brand is the best for this tool? Also, which is the best size for your tool. Any mistake in the purchasing stage may affect your interactions with the tool.

If, for example, you get the wrong size of the impact wrench for your DIY or professional work, you may destroy the car nuts and bolts. Also, a sizing mistake may make your job harder, regardless of your experience working with automotive. So, getting the right size when buying an impact wrench is uncompromisable.

Impact Wrench Sizing Guide For Automotive Work

One of the primary considerations when buying an impact wrench for professional automotive work is size. Since there are many sizes, it is advisable to pay attention to the size before buying that shiny tool. Here are some of the guidelines on how to buy an ideal impact wrench for your automobile projects.

Standard size impact wrench 

As the name suggests, a standard-sized impact wrench is what most users consider normal. It is ½ inches in size, which is an ideal size for most automobile projects. The size is also perfect for users looking for a standard torque level.

Which projects are ideal for standard-sized impact wrenches? The standard impact wrenches have many uses, and you can find them in any workshop and automotive shop. The main reason why you can get the impact wrenches with a torque level of 300ft/lbs is their ability to tighten up screws and nuts perfectly.

However, the normal-sized impact wrenches are not perfect if you want a torque level above the 300ft/lbs level. If you want more power, consider the bigger sizes. You can check also Best Cordless Ratchet Wrench

¾inches  impact wrenches 

The ¾inches  impact wrenches are bigger and more powerful than the primary option. As the name suggests, the size has a torque level of more than 300ft/lbs, which means more power on the nuts and screws.

While you can also find heavy-duty impact wrenches on most automotive shops, it is rare to find them in personal garages. You are not likely to see such an impact wrench in a private workshop because most people would not need such power.

When used in the right projects, the ¾ inches impact wrench is an ideal tool for heavy-duty projects, especially where power is needed. However, you should not get one if you are working on everyday tasks.

What Happens When You Buy The Wrong Impact Wrench For Automotive Work? 

It is easy to get confused and buy the wrong impact wrench size. If you get the wrong impact wrench, there are two possible outcomes.

A bad working experience

Whether you are a DYer or a professional mechanic, the last thing you want is a bad working experience. For example, working with a smaller-sized tool on a project that requires more power may overwork your muscles. On the other hand, a bigger-sized tool on a project that requires less power may force you to pay more attention to smaller elements, taking the fun out of a project.

Damages on nuts or incomplete work

If you work in a big-sized impact wrench on a smaller nut, the chances that the nut will over tighten are higher. You may also destroy the nuts by applying too much force. In the long end, you may incur some losses.

On the other hand, a small-sized tool may not tighten the nuts properly. In the end, you may have unfinished work, which is dangerous when working on automotive projects. Untightened wheels, for example, is the nightmare nobody wants to have, regardless if one is a professional or a DYer.


Top 5 Best Impact Wrench For Automotive Work Use

Once you have decided that you want to get an impact wrench for automotive projects, the first thing any person is most likely to do is to check items on an e-commerce platform. However, there are some disadvantages to this approach.

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There are tens of brands making automotive impact wrenches. While most of the units in the market are decent in terms of what you can do with them, not all will give you a perfect working experience. Fortunately, the five units highlighted below are unmatched, regardless of your nature of work. We have used and tested all of them, and according to our experience, you should try them out.


#1: DEWALT 20V MAXCordless impact wrench 

The DEWALT 20V impact wrench is a standard tool for all your automotive work. The ½ inch tool has one of the best balances between its power and torque value. So, you can use it on any project without over-tightening the bold or overusing your power to work on a project.

Besides its abilities, the impact wrench is cordless and works on 20V batteries. Therefore, it is a perfect option for working outdoors and places not connected to the grid. If you are a professional, you can use the DEWALT MAXCordless as the primary tool or a backup, depending on your work.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench, 1/2-Inch, Tool Only (DCF889B)

The main unique features that make the DEWALT 20V MAXCordless impact wrench worth checking include:

Unmatched safety

Unlike some options, the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless impact wrench is comfortable. The handle makes the tool feel great on your hand, especially when working on an intensive project. The brakes also are smooth for such a powerful tool.

The 20V battery

Since it is cordless, the impact wrench requires a power source, and it has a rechargeable battery. Therefore, the 20V battery makes it an ideal investment for all types of projects. Interestingly, the battery is compact and does not make the tool bulky or heavy.

A compact design

The compact design of the DEWALT 20V MAXCordless impact wrench makes it one of the best tools for DIYers and professionals. Even though it has a compact design, the impact wrench does not have a compromised ability to work on different projects.

Unmatched comfort

Even with bleeding-edge specs, the impact wrench is one of the most comfortable tools on this list. The handle, for example, feels great when working. The brake is also smooth and efficient. So while users with small hands may use the second hand as support, the DEWALT 20V MAXCordless impact wrench is worth checking.


#2: Makita XWT04TX Lithium-Ion impact wrench

Are you looking for a tool with superior fastening power for your automotive work? If yes, the Makita XWT04TX Lithium-Ion impact wrench is what you need. The tool has 325ft/lbs and 2,200 IPM, making it one of the best options. With this power, you can work on any major project in your garage and professional work if you are a professional.

Besides the power, the machine has an impressive design. The impact wrench, for example, has an absorbent handle that has two key functions. First, it makes the tool comfortable to use. Second, the feature protects the battery from shakes making it durable.

The tool also has one of the best batteries. Unlike similar alternatives, you can get more from the impact wrench, especially when working in places with no power connection.Best Size Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

The main features making the Makita brand a must-have impact wrench include:

Rubberized soft grip

When working with a powerful tool such as an impact wrench, you need to protect yourself from constant shakes and poorly made handles. Luckily, this tool has one of the best grips, which is soft and rubber. Thanks to the feature, you can work for longer hours without causing discomfort on your hand.

More fastening power

The Makita impact driver has one of the best specs regarding its power. First, it can deliver up to 325tf/lbs when working optimally. Second, it has 1,600 RPM power and up to 2,200 IMP. The features are perfect for extensive projects, especially in automobile projects. You can check also Impact Driver vs Drill

Shock absorbent

Due to the nature of the projects, while working with the tool, it is hard to avoid shakes. However, the tool has a shock-absorbent handle which protects the tool. The main aspect of the tool protected by this feature is the battery which the shakes may damage.

An ergonomic design

Besides its impressive specs, the Makita impact wrench has an impressive ergonomic design. With the design, you can achieve more in terms of working for a long time. However, you will not be feeling the impact of the power generated by the machine.


#3: Enertwist electric impact driver

Enertwist electric impact driver is a powerful tool for automotive work, both for professionals and DIYers. The 2700 IPM impact rate and 1050ft/lb make it a perfect tool for all types of projects. Also, the hog ring, an ideal heavy-duty option, makes the Enertwist tool perfect for users interested in customizing the working experience as you can control all aspects and the tool’s ability.

Besides the bleeding-edge specs, the Enertwist electric impact driver has a good design. For example, the electrophoretic coating makes it one of the best-designed tools for people working on automotive work. Also, the impact driver has a rugged finish that is ideal in protecting the lithium battery and the delicate interior parts.Hog Ring Anvil, Heavy Duty 8.5 Amp Corded 450 Ft.lbs Max Torque, ET-IW-1020

The main features that make the Enertwist electric impact driver worth buying include:

An 8.5 amp power

The power in this impact driver makes it one of the best options in the market. The 1050ft/lb and 2700 IPM impact rates are unmatched, regardless of your projects and power needs. Also, the features are controllable, and it is easy to work with Enertwist in all projects: bigger and DIY tasks.

Metal construction

The metal construction is also another special feature that makes the Enertwist electric impact driver worth picking up. The two main advantages of metal constructions are durability and safety. Besides the two reasons for the metal constructions, the impact driver is not heavy as the metal used in the construction is light. You can check also Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench

Better user experience

The user experience with this impact wrench is unmatched. The rubberized grip makes the tool ideal for long working and therefore reduced fatigue. Also, the forward and reverse switches are accessible, regardless of your hand and fingers sizes. Finally, the impact wrench is light, and you can use it for long hours without getting tired.


#4: Ingersoll impact wrench 

Are you looking for a lightweight but efficient impact wrench?  If yes, the Ingersoll impact wrench is what you need. Besides being one of the lightest options based on its weight, the tool has some bleeding-edge specs. For example, the tool has a 600ft/lb, which is enough for most automobile projects. Also, the battery is decent, especially if you intend to work in some areas not connected to the grid.

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Apart from the features, the Ingersoll impact wrench is built to last. The overall design focuses on ruggedness, which is a key feature of working on random automotive work. Also, the casing around the battery makes it ideal for long-term use as the depreciation is slowed down due to less impact.Ingersoll Rand 231-C 1/2” Drive Air Impact Wrench

The features that make the Ingersoll impact wrench an ideal tool for your work include:

Impressive power

While the  600ft/lb power is not the highest on this list, most projects’ torque power is enough. Thus, you can use the impact wrench for most DIY and professional tasks without any compromises. Also, the power from the impact wrench does not overpower the lithium battery, which is an added advantage for long-term use.

Unmatched design

The light and easy-to-use design are vital in many ways. For example, the Ingersoll unit is easy to carry around and use for hours. Second, the design makes it easy to pack when traveling for work. Also, the design protects the tool’s interior and the battery from falls.

Better usability

When using an impact wrench, it is advisable to go for a tool with accessible dials. Unlike most of the options on this list, the Ingersoll impact wrench is easy to control and use, whether you have used a similar tool before or not. Also, mastering the tool takes less time, and you can use it straight from the box.


#5: Popoman brushless impact wrench 

The new Popoman brushless impact wrench is a special tool for professionals, thanks to its motor. Unlike most alternatives, it has more power and lasts longer. So, the tool can last more than most alternatives in the market. Also, the motor makes it a perfect option for power-demanding tasks, especially in commercial garages.

Besides the brushless motor and power, the Popoman impact wrench has one of the best batteries. First, it has fast-charge features, which allow you to charge it in an hour fully. Second, the battery is decent and big for all tasks. So, if you work off grind or travel for work, the popoman’s battery is all you need.Brushless 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

The special features that make Popoman brushless impact wrench worth your money include:

Impressive battery

Regardless of whether you are a professional or DIYer, you need a good battery. The Popoman impact wrench has a 4000mAH battery, which is decent for all professional work. Also, the fast charging feature is unmatched, especially when you need power on the go. Finally, the LED battery indicator helps in planning, especially when you have worked for a long time.

Brushless motor

One of the advancements in motors is the introduction of brushless motors. Popoman impact wrench is one of the first brands to adopt the technology. Thanks to its efficiency, you are sure of more power and durability. Unlike its peers, the impact wrench has the impressive ability to complete professional projects in time without overworking the motor.

LED battery indicator and shock absorption

Besides the impact wrench’s power and impressive features, the tool has an LED indicator for battery and shock absorption to protect the motor and battery. The two features also make the Popoman tool user-friendly, even if one is familiar with working with similar tools.


How To Choose The Best Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

If your preferred impact wrench for automotive work is not among the five tools highlighted above, you can get another one. However, here are some things to pay attention to when buying a tool for automotive work.

The torque 

The most crucial factor to consider when buying an impact wrench is the torque value. There are two ways to know whether the torque value is perfect for you or not. First, the 300ft/lbs are the standard level when buying the tool for automotive work.

If you want an impact wrench for everyday work, you should get the standard option. It will drive the bolts and nuts perfectly. However, if you need more torque power because of the nuts and bolts’ size, go for a higher value.

However, investing in an automotive tool based on torque value calls for one to be extra careful. For example, missing out on the ft/lbs value may make your work harder and, more importantly, affect the overall results.

If you are uncertain about the best torque value, buy a primary tool. While you may be compromising on the working experience, you are guaranteed safety and an easier time tightening the nuts.


The use of an impact wrench is also an important consideration when working on automotive projects. There are two main sizes in this case: standard and heavy-duty. Each of the two options has different uses.

The heavy-duty impact wrenches are ideal for bigger projects and, more importantly, if one has a commercial business. The bigger tools have more power, which is ideal for


The most common determiner for most people buying impact wrenches is the price. While different buyers have different abilities financially, one cannot ignore the importance of the price tag in electric tools. Therefore, when using price as a determiner in buying an impact wrench, some factors are considered.

First, the price must correspond with the specs. If a tool has more advanced specs, the more it will be likely to cost. Second, it is wise to put into consideration the warranty. If a device has friendly warranty terms, you should not be hesitant to pay more on the price tag.


Unlike two decades ago, there are many brands making impact wrenches. The advancement and market saturation mean that modern tools’ quality and specs are better than years ago. However, the market situation does not mean that every tool is better and ideal for automotive work.

So, when buying an impact wrench, go for brands that have a history of making good products. If you do not know where to start, the above list consists of special impact wrench tools from different companies. So, pick your preferred device and start exploring it.


The durability of an impact wrench is also a key factor you should consider when buying a tool. Some tools may last a few months, while most may take years without replacing them. The golden rule is to go with one that has the potential of lasting longer.

But how do you know that an impact wrench will last longer and which has the potential to break down after some time? The surest way is to read reviews. Understand what customers have experienced using a tool you are about to buy. Alternatively, pick any of the five options highlighted above since they are unmatched in durability.

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The battery

Thanks to lithium batteries, you can use an impact wrench even in places without a power connection. So, it would be best if you considered a tool with a decent battery. But what does a decent battery mean in an impact wrench?

There are two key factors when choosing an impact wrench based on its battery. First, the battery size. The bigger the battery size, the better the tool. Second, the charging time is also a key factor to consider before hitting the buy button. The faster the charging time, the better the impact wrench.


Tips For Choosing An Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

Automotive projects have different needs in terms of efficiency and power. So, not all tools will give you a better working experience. Luckily, there are a few options that are decent in terms of power and user experience.

All the units highlighted above are unmatched, regardless of whether you have used a similar tool before or not. Also, the impact wrenches have decent specs, which make them ideal for professionals and DIYers. However, it is advisable to review each piece in terms of price and specs to determine which is perfect for you.

Besides checking the specs, it is advisable to compare the battery specs. Unlike cord impact wrenches, you need a decent battery. In simpler terms, a decent battery should have a shorter charging time and a bigger mAH value. Luckily, all the units highlighted above have impressive battery numbers.

A perfect unit should also have a decent warranty. While most of the impact wrenches rarely break, you need to protect your purchase by going with a unit that can be repaired by the company or be replaced easily.


Different Types Of Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

While the technology used is similar across all impact wrench brands, they come in different types. The main classifications include:

Cordless and corded impact wrenches 

The main classification in this niche is cordless and corded tools. If a tool must be plugged into power to be used, it is corded. On the other hand, if you do not need a power cable to work, it is cordless. The two have both advantages and disadvantages.

However, it is advisable to go for cordless impact wrenches for more freedom when working on automotive projects. Also, the battery technology is now advanced, and some brands have faster-charging features.

Professional and basic impact wrenches 

Professional impact wrenches have more power in terms of torque value. Thanks to their impressive features, you can use them in commercial garages, especially where the power needs are constantly high. However, when used in simple projects, you may overpower the nuts and bolts.

The primary impact wrenches, on the other hand, have smaller torque values. As a result, they are perfect for everyday use and, more importantly, in DIY projects. However, when used in professional work or commercial shops, they may fail to deliver.

Luckily, there are impact wrenches that work for both markets. Most of the tools highlighted above can work in both projects. You only need to go for a unit with a torque value of around 300ft/lb.


What Is An Impact Wrench Used For?

There are tons of uses for impact wrenches. Here are some of the places where the tool has many benefits.

Repairing automotive 

The biggest use of impact wrenches is in repairing automobiles. In this niche, you need to drive a lot of nuts and tighten up bolts. However, this niche is intricate as there are many possible failures. For example, a bigger impact wrench may destroy some bolt. Also, a weaker tool may not give you a good time working. The main reason is you may take more than the expected time to go through the intended surface.

Fixing appliances 

One of the most known uses of impact wrenches is fixing appliances. Since some machines may need you to tighten some nuts, you can use the tool. However, when using the tool to work on appliances, you should pay attention to the torque value. Also, be gentle not to destroy your expensive pieces.

Construction projects 

The impact wrenches are also helpful in construction projects. Unlike in other uses, construction sites have many uses, making it hard to pinpoint a particular service. However, if you are in the construction industry, you should get an impact wrench. It is, however, essential to get a tool that matches your needs in terms of its torque value.


Which Impact Wrench Should I Buy For Automotive Work? 

Since there are many complications using impact wrenches on automotive work, it is advisable to have a buying list. However, even with hundreds of options, not all tools will work perfectly for you. Also, different people have different needs. Therefore, the idea of a single perfect tool is farfetched.

However, all the five tools highlighted above are unmatched, regardless of your work. They have unmatched power, which is perfect for professionals and newbies. Besides power, the five impact wrenches are durable, and a single unit can take you months if not years when working on extensive projects.

Apart from the five impact wrenches being unmatched in specs, they are all well priced. Getting the value of your money should equal the value, and the above units do not fail to deliver that promise.


How Much Torque Do I Need In An Impact Wrench?

The torque value is one of the key features buyers check when buying impact wrench for automotive work. A lower value means you cannot achieve more as a user. On the other hand, a potent tool means more harm to your bolts and nuts.

So, which torque value is perfect for your automotive projects? The ideal value depends on your work and power needs. However, regardless of your projects, you should consider a 300ft/lb impact wrench for better performances. The value is also the standard option for both professionals and DIYer.

However, you can purchase a tool with a higher or lower value. The golden rule is to know whether the project needs more power or less power and work within your limits. Unlike other electric tools, there are no ways to improve the ft/lb value.


Final Verdict 

Automotive work needs specific impact wrenches. Unlike other works, the niche has unique needs regarding specs, torque value, and durability of the machines. If mismatched, you may not have a good working experience in this niche.

The five units highlighted above are unmatched. They have impressive specs, which make them perfect for both professional and DIY projects. Also, they have decent warranties, which are ideal when buying expensive and electronic tools.

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