The Best Sander For Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing is one of the tools that can be used when the furniture is old and you want to convert it to its new position. After you have sanded the material properly, you can paint or polish it to make it seem like new.
Instead of spending a lot of money on a new one, you may save money by purchasing just the finest tool and restoring the cabinets and furnishings.
You can use this article to help you choose the best electric sander for furniture refinishing by using that sander according to your requirement (mean how much time you want to use it, for example, a woodworker may need to use it frequently while a homeowner may need to use it whenever they need it) and budget you can easily refinishing the chairs, bed, table, and much more.

Buyer’s Guide

A random orbital sander is one of three kinds of sanders available for use in furniture refinishing projects: an orbital (also known as a sheet or palm) sander, a detail (also known as mouse) sander, and an orbital with a random pattern.

Orbital sanders

With an orbital sander, the base of the tool is either square or rectangular and spins in small circles. A standard-sized piece of paper can be clamped to most models, allowing you to quickly cut entire sheets of sandpaper to size with little effort. It is less aggressive than the sagittal, making it simple to manage effectively without a lot of experience or making expensive errors. It is the most effective method for creating the smoothest finishes. Furthermore, since it is square, it is ideal for use in corners and edges. However, since it is less aggressive, it is not the workhorse you would want for removing many layers of finish, and you must only drive this with the grain or risk marring your surface as a result.

Random orbital sanders

In the case of the random orbital sander (ROS), the sanding surface is rounded and travels in an ellipse. You connect specially-designed paper using a hook and loop mechanism (and you aren’t cutting circles from your stockpile of normal sandpaper for this guy; you are using specially-designed paper). Because the ROS is more enthusiastic about going on its own, it is excellent for removing thick finish coats. Due to the fact that it is round and moves in a circle, you may drive it in whatever direction you choose on your wood. But be mindful that if you don’t keep it under control, it will pull you around your project, leaving gouges and scars in its wake. If you’ve never worked with a ROS before, it’s a good idea to practice on some scrap wood first. And, of course, since it is spherical, it is unable to take corners.

Detail sanders

Known as the detail or mouse sander, this tool excels at just what its name implies – fine details. This is the tool to use if your project includes nooks and crannies as well as carvings that need to be sanded. It makes use of a triangular piece of sandpaper (again, one that you cannot hurt yourself), which allows the tip to reach into small gaps with more ease. This sander, while it is less costly and less powerful than the other sanders, cannot be topped for fine work in small areas. When using any of your sanders, you’ll want to keep the following considerations in mind:


Although it seems that you would want as much power as possible – after all, this is a power tool, right? – with a sander, this is not always the case, depending on the application. Avoid being seduced by sheer motor power when it comes to furniture refinishing since you will almost certainly need a good bit of control and delicacy. Keep in mind that you’ll be holding this in your hand for an extended period of time, and less vibration will be much more pleasant than excessive vibration.


Additionally, you’ll want something that fits comfortably in your hand in order to prevent additional vibration. Visiting your local power tool provider to actually touch some of them in your own hand before making a purchase is definitely a good investment of your time. A sander is a power instrument that seems a bit more personal than, say, a chainsaw.

Dust Collection

You’re sanding something. There will be a lot of sawdust all over the place. All sanders include small onboard dust bags to collect dust, but the more serious models enable you to connect a hose between the sander and your shop vac to gather even more dust. You may also consider investing in a specialized dust collecting system.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander

For furniture repair, a Dewalt cordless sander is one of the most effective options available. If the plane has left a rough surface on your furniture board, this tool will assist you in removing the furniture stripping quickly and simply without the need for additional manual sandpaper, which will result in more strain and slower results.
This is the best cordless sander under the budget of 100-150 dollars, which is also a top-rated palm sander on the online market, and many carpentry and woodworking professionals, as well as beginners, have been completely satisfied with the performance of this product and have received excellent value for their money when sanding.
It made use of 1/4 Sheet Sandpaper, which had a fine grit kind as well. The sheet enables the user to reach near to the work area for more precise sanding because of its thinness. This tool makes use of a brushless motor, which offers incredible runtime and efficiency to complete the task. When compared to a brush motor, this tool provides greater run time than a brush motor, making it ideal for furniture refinishing applications. This one also includes a variable speed option, which allows you to utilize it according to your needs, which helps you to improve the efficiency of your job while also providing you with a long run time if you choose the low speed option.
The variable speed control ranges from 8,000 to 14,000 OPM, allowing you to adapt the pace to the application and simply choose the speed you need on both soft and hard wood materials.
As with orbital sanding machines, the design of this product is comparable to that of orbital sanders, and it provides a strong and comfortable grip similar to that of an orbital sander. When sanding old furniture, this grip will be strong and may not require you to use your second hand for controlling.
Otherwise, most sanders have excessive vibration, which makes them difficult to operate with a single hand, necessitating the employment of a second hand.
It is possible to regulate the speed of this product, which is determined by the operator, as well as the amount of vibration that is produced.

BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

Sanding items black and decker give the highest level of quality at the lowest possible price while offering the most range of options to their consumers.
If you are a homeowner, this is the ideal option for you since you can get by on a budget of just 50 dollars, which is why this instrument is also included among the top sanders under 50 dollars.
In addition to being a corded electric power alternative tool, this mouse sander has a small dimension, which allows it to fit into tight places and optimizes user control when sanding tables, mattresses, chairs, decks, and other similar surfaces.
This device includes a 1.2 amp motor for material removal and 14,000 orbits per minute, which demonstrate the sanding power of this tool. An inexpensive price choice such as this tool is the greatest thing, as it is also the most reasonable price option.
Alternatively, you can purchase a Makita or a Dewalt corded sander. Why is this the best sander to use for refinishing furniture? It is a mouse sander, so if that is your primary concern and requirement, you should choose that one. If you need to sand old furniture in a tight space, such as a table corner, this product is the best one of them because it provides amazing performance in that tight space.
This equipment makes use of a 1.2 amp motor, and the grit type that was utilized in this product was coarse. You can readily get the Mouse Detail Sander Sandpaper Sanding Paper Assorted in the following sizes: 40 80 120 180 240 Grits on the market. After you have determined how much deep finish is needed, you are ready to paint or polish the furniture.

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

The Bosch palm sander is the instrument that you use for sanding floor boards, and it is also the finest choice for sanding furniture legs and feet. This is a corded electric power sander with a powerful 2.5 AMP motor that enables you to work at your own pace while matching pieces and tasks with ease, which means you may utilize this product according to your material requirements. The bosch palm sander allows the user to choose the optimal speed for the job at hand since the brand’s commitment to accuracy is unwaveringly maintained. With the help of this piece of equipment, carpenters may accomplish jobs fast and correctly on difficult projects while avoiding swirl marks on the goods they are currently working on. The manufacturer of this tool has the greatest amount of confidence in its product, as evidenced by the fact that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year manufacturer warranty to satisfy its users and help them build incredible confidence while using it. This is one of the factors that contribute to it being the best sander for contractors.

Makita 9403 4″ X 24″ Belt Sander

This tool’s design is the most comparable to that of a planer, which is used by woodworkers to remove a layer of wood in order to make it plain and smooth.
This is a medium grit type sanding equipment with a corded electric motor, making it one of the finest belt sanders for refinishing furniture on the market.
This belt sander offers incredible smoothness on material when used on furniture restoration projects. It also produces excellent finish furniture and prepares your cabinet for painting so that it seems to be an identical replica of a new and updated piece of furniture.
If you are a DIYer with a creative idea, it is much better for you to also customize your old furniture, or you can hire a person who will make the well design of your old furniture for that purpose. If you do not have the time or the effort, it is much better for you to delegate your home project to another person because when you purchase a new home, many things will need to be repaired for that purpose.

TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

It is also a fantastic tool to use for sanding since it produces up to 13,000 rpm and utilizes a power source that is corded electric power for the homeowner.
With this product, you can remove paint off a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, auto components such as automobiles and other difficult-to-reach places as well as wood material more effectively than you would anticipate or know how to use it.

Bosch Orbital Finishing Sander with SheetLoc Paper Attachment System

Because to its three-point counterbalance, which helps to minimize vibration, as well as its ball bearing design, this sander provides smooth operation at a speed of 12 000 circles per minute.
The sandpaper is easily inserted once the rubberized clamps are opened by the user. As it shuts, the sandpaper is pushed tight and kept in place by the rubber, resulting in a more uniform sanding process and less wear on the paper overall.
Paint paper, stick-on paper, and regular orbital paper can all be used with this sander, which is a nice feature. It sells for about $90.Because to its three-point counterbalance, which helps to minimize vibration, as well as its ball bearing design, this sander provides smooth operation at a speed of 12 000 circles per minute.
The sandpaper is easily inserted once the rubberized clamps are opened by the user. As it shuts, the sandpaper is pushed tight and kept in place by the rubber, resulting in a more uniform sanding process and less wear on the paper overall.
Paint paper, stick-on paper, and regular orbital paper can all be used with this sander, which is a nice feature. It sells for about $90.


At 14 000 orbits per minute, the Makita sander is both fast and smooth in its operation.
With a clamp lever for fast and simple paper loading, this beauty makes it even easier on the operator thanks to a rubberized and curved grip that makes it even more comfortable to use. With ball-bearing design, you may expect a more silent operation. The kit includes sandpaper, a dust bag, a punch plate, and a storage box for the sander.
Sanding and refinishing furniture may be difficult, but an electric power sander can make the process much more efficient and effective. They are intended for use at home, and the choices we’ve mentioned here are all pretty trouble-free to operate.
Keep in mind to use eye protection as well as a dust mask while working with chemicals. You will be able to refinish your own furniture with the proper sander and abrasive paper, and you will be proud of your DIY abilities!

SKIL 7302-02 (Detail Sander)

The SKIL 7302-02, the second detail sander in our lineup, is a nearly perfect instrument in its own right. Known as the “Octo,” it comes with eight (eight!) different detail attachments and has a tiny but dedicated following of those who swear by it. They like its 12,000 OPM, its pleasant ergonomics, and its appropriateness for sanding in tight spaces, among other features.
Others are dissatisfied with it, claiming that it is often damaged in a number of ways, especially the clip that enables for those eight ingenious attachments to be used. Taking it seriously is made more difficult by the presence of a five-armed octopus image on the side of the vehicle. If SKIL were to remodel it to be more durable and reliable, the rest of us may fall in love with it as much as its admirers do, but for the time being, it only ranks 5th on our list of the best toys.

People also ask

What type of sander is best for refinishing furniture?

sander made of palm leaves
A palm sander or a detail sander is usually the ideal choice for refinishing furniture because of their smaller size and ability to handle both little and big jobs. However, it is dependent on the kind of furniture. Woodworking tasks of medium and large scale may also be completed using rotary, random orbital, or belt sanders.

Should I use an orbital sander when refinishing a table?

After you’ve peeled paint or varnish from the table or removed a stained finish, sand the surface in the direction of the grain of the wood to smooth it out. If you decide to use an orbital or belt sander, use extreme caution to avoid gouging the surface.

What type of sander gives the best finish?

Random orbital sanders

When it comes to finishing wood, random orbital sanders are the most effective. It may be difficult to choose the kind of sander to purchase for your tasks. It is our goal to remove the uncertainty from the process of purchasing an orbital sander for polishing kitchen cabinets, as well as to explain why this is the ideal option.When it comes to finishing wood, random orbital sanders are the most effective. It may be difficult to choose the kind of sander to purchase for your tasks. It is our goal to remove the uncertainty from the process of purchasing an orbital sander for polishing kitchen cabinets, as well as to explain why this is the ideal option.

Is an orbital sander better than a detail sander?

Random orbit sanders are the tool of choice for woodworkers because they utilize a circular disc of sandpaper to sand in both an orbital and a rotary motion, which makes them ideal for finishing work. In certain cases, detail sanders are the only way to get into tight spaces that can’t be reached by conventional sanders.

Is it better to sand or strip furniture?

It is nearly always preferable to strip rather than sand a surface. Starting with the fact that sanding is much more labor-intensive than using a paint-and-varnish remover, except in instances where the old finish is peeling off, sanding is the better option. Sanding is less dirty than stripping, which is presumably why so many people prefer it over stripping.

What is the difference between an orbital sander and a finishing sander?

So, what’s the difference between an Orbital Sander and a Sheet Sander, you may wonder. Abrasives are moved in a circular pattern by orbital sanders and sheet sanders, respectively.Belt sanders, for example, are ideal for tasks that need you to remove a large amount of material fast, while finishing sanders are ideal for jobs that require you to produce an exceptionally smooth surface.

What kind of electric sander do I need for furniture?

A palm sander is most likely the most effective sander for furniture. A quarter to a half sheet of sandpaper may be held in the palm of your hand. Generally, it is utilized for large, flat surfaces. Detail Sanders (also known as detail sanders) – If you’re in the market for a sander for furniture restoration, this is the one you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for when it becomes available.

Which type of sander is best?

Oscillating tools.

  • Orbital Sanders Are the Best Type of Sander for Fine Jobs.
  • Use Your Belt Sander for Large Projects.
  • A Random Orbital Sander is Among the Most Effective Electric Sanders.
  • Multi-Sanders Can Stand-in for Different Types of Sanders.
  • Your Oscillating Tool is an Effective Sanding Tool, Too.

Is a round or square sander better?

Advantages. Because of its square form, the orbital sander is particularly useful for getting into corners and up against edges. If you compare it to hand sanding across the grain, or even using an electric belt sander, they produce fewer visible cross-grain traces, which means it’s more difficult to damage your work.

Which is better orbital or belt sander?

Sanding wood is an excellent illustration of how to choose the most appropriate equipment for the task. The simple answer is that Belt Sanders are very strong, capable of completely stripping a piece of wood in an extremely short period of time. When it comes to wood finishing, orbital sanders are the tools of choice since they provide ultra-smooth results.

What is the best way to sand a table top?

To prepare the wood surface for staining, begin by sanding it with coarse-grit sandpaper (80 grit), then proceed to medium-grit sandpaper (150 grit), and finally to fine-grit sandpaper (220 grit). In order to get the best results, you should complete the whole table with each grit before going on to the next grit.

Can I use an orbital sander on wood?

Orbital sanders are versatile tools that may be used for a wide range of sanding and smoothing tasks. These devices are lightweight and simple to use, and they provide a swirl-free finish on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, and plastic.


The Makita BO4556K is the tool we recommend most highly. It provides the quickest, smoothest finish and is the most pleasant to use with of all of our sanders, and it has no major drawbacks to mention.
The Black & Decker BDEMS600 Detail Sander is an excellent option if you want to spend a bit less money. In addition to being capable doing all of the work in tight quarters, it is also very powerful, with a whopping 16,000 OPMs.
Who wouldn’t want additional tools in the shop, right? It’s simple to make the decision to purchase another tool. Please first choose what you want to use it for, and then consult our evaluations to see which instrument is the most appropriate for the task at hand before parting with your money.

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