The Best Magnetic Screwdriver For Pc Building

When constructing a computer, a magnetic screwdriver set is essential since it saves time by allowing you to pick swiftly on the tip of the bit and be able to attach screws inside the motherboard more quickly.

If you are looking for the highest quality best electric magnetic screwdriver to quickly assemble a computer, you have come to the correct place. Here you will find the best screwdriver that can be used for both repairing and assembling a computer.

There are many various kinds of screwdrivers available on the market, and deciding which one is the best may be difficult. We have compiled a list of the most helpful and important screwdrivers that can be used for a variety of tasks.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Magnetic Screwdriver

When choosing the best magnetic screwdriver, keep the following important factors and features in mind.

Shaft Length

It is the portion of a screwdriver that extends from one end of the tool, inside the handle, to the other end, where it terminates in a bit socket or a screwdriver tip. This piece of metal is available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different tasks. A screwdriver with a very small shaft may fit into tiny places where a normal screwdriver would be unable to reach with a standard screwdriver. Using magnetic screwdrivers with long shafts, you can reach fasteners that are hard to reach, such as those hidden in an engine compartment or behind the back of a flat-screen television. To tackle the less-common tasks, it’s a good idea to invest in a variety of screwdriver lengths, including at least one very short magnetic screwdriver and one extremely long screwdriver.


Because a wide-handle grip allows for greater power to be applied to screws, it is particularly well suited for driving basic construction screws rapidly. It is recommended to choose a smaller handle for more precise tasks that need more time and attention. A number of magnetic screwdriver handles are also equipped with control ends that spin independently of the remainder of the handle, enabling one hand to turn the screwdriver while the other controls the tool’s force and direction.

The rubber coating on the handle makes it simpler to wield a magnetic screwdriver for extended periods of time without suffering hand fatigue. This feature also serves as an anti-slip surface, which helps to keep the tool from sliding while in use. Consider a handle with a built-in storage compartment to store bits that aren’t currently in use if the magnetic screwdriver includes interchangeable bits.


Screwdrivers that are used in the traditional manner tighten by turning clockwise and loosen by turning counterclockwise. Whenever a screwdriver’s handle has an anti-reverse ratcheting mechanism, it is possible for the turning force (torque) to be applied in either direction.

In order to drive or loosen a screw, instead of releasing pressure on the screw or removing the screwdriver’s head from its slot, you simply spin your wrist in the opposite way, from right to left, until the screw is driven or loosened. Ratchet control may help you save time and energy by reducing the strain on your hands and wrists. This is particularly useful when your job involves driving a large number of screws.


Magnetic screwdrivers are available in two configurations: as a solid tool with a single tip or as a series of screwdriver bits that fit into a socket at the end of the screwdriver shaft. These bits are usually the magnetized portion of the screwdriver, and once they are inserted into the socket, they form a strong magnetic connection with the surrounding steel.When purchasing a magnetic screwdriver, it is common to find four different kinds of bits:
Bits with a straight, flattened tip are used to fit into horizontal line recesses on screws, which are known as flat or slotted bits.Phillips bits feature a cross design to allow them to fit into screw recesses that are also cross-shaped.

Robertson bits feature a square tip and are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that they will fit into their intended screws.Unlike Phillips bits, Torx bits feature a star or six-pointed tip that is designed to fit a matching star-shaped Torx screw and are thus less frequently used.

Weight and Balance

Depending on the type, magnetic screwdrivers may weigh as little as 1 ounce for a tiny precision model and as much as 8 ounces for a big industrial tool. Choose a screwdriver that is just hefty enough for the job at hand to save your hands from becoming fatigued.The weight of the screwdriver should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the handle, down the shaft, and all the way to the tip, with some weight concentrated around the bolster (see illustration) (the point between the shaft and the handle).Larger, thicker magnetic screwdriver shafts that can resist a considerable amount of strain are usually found on heavier magnetic screwdrivers, which increases the tool’s overall longevity. Because they are simpler to grasp and control, lightweight screwdrivers are preferable for doing very accurate work on computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

POWER GIANT Mini Electric Screwdriver

With this battery-powered cordless small electric screwdriver, you can easily construct a computer since it comes with more than 55 precision bits, all of which have the capacity to magnetize, which increases the productivity of your work and makes it easier to create a computer. It comes with a PC construction tool set. Because of the ease with which the necessary screw may be adjusted with its driver before inserting the point, you may not be required to use a second hand, and in fact, you may be able to complete the majority of the tasks involved in PC construction with just one hand.

You will receive great performance from this magnetic screwdriver when you compare it to manual screwdrivers, whether you are a gamer who purchases a gaming computer or a shop owner who uses this product to assemble people’s computers. This device is very versatile.Assembling electrical devices or doing repairs; the product’s flexibility comes in handy and makes it a valuable tool. Because this tool is suitable for the quartz watch, as well as for regular household appliances such as cameras, digital cameras, radios, tablet PC’s, smartphones, drones, joysticks, and other electronic products, it is also an excellent choice for a homeowner to use it for basic home purposes aside from the construction industry. Power giant is a tiny screwdriver that comes with a battery, and the battery is a 260mAH lithium ion battery that gives you more than enough run time and can be used for lengthier tasks as well.

The size of this tool is nearly identical to that of a lead pencil or a manual tiny screwdriver, both of which may be magnetic, and the charging period for this tool is between 30 and 45 minutes on a single charge. After a single battery replacement, you may easily complete your computer construction before the battery dies.The charging capacity of this tool is very simple; you may not need a separate USB lead or charge your mobile charger enough for this gadget, and the wire may be plugged into a mobile phone, laptop, or on-board circuit without difficulty.

Overall, the weight of this magnetic screwdriver is abnormally low at 725g; nevertheless, it features a slim aluminum alloy housing with a pen-shape form, as well as a complete aluminum body and excellent oxidation resistance, all of which contribute to the product’s long-term endurance.The great thing about this screwdriver is that it can be used in both automatic and manual modes. When using the manual mode, the screwdriver can spin as quickly as you can apply force to it.
The automated motor power choice will provide you with 0.25-0.35-3/N.m torque, which will allow you to deal with strong screws, loosen or tighten the screw that you suggest for use with this tool, as well as the motor speed that you will need to utilize. Load-free speeds of up to 150RPM

Esup 6089A 45 in 1 with 42 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit

You may also experiment with various kinds of screwdrivers at home, but this is a good option for homes and laptop professionals who want to customize their personal computers exactly as they want them to be.
Esup magnetic screwdriver is constructed of metal, which demonstrates the tool’s productivity. The design is highly ergonomic, which provides the user with the greatest level of comfort while using the tool’s hand grip to make the tool’s grasp with the hand more powerful.

You can loosen and tighten screws with as much force as required to loosen or tighten the screws on your motherboard without taking your hands from the keyboard. This is true regardless of what else you are doing at the time.
When constructing a PC, you will encounter a variety of screws, and it is possible that you will not have that kind of related bit that readily adjusts with that to open and loosen the screw as you want, but this type of item will be provided by this wonderful tool.
This comes with a 45 in 1 with 42 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit, which makes it a very versatile driver. The “Quality” of the “Pieces” of this tool seems to be of excellent quality, as well as the tool itself. With this compact equipment, you may save money on your travel expenses.

XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Screwdriver

Xool is a complete tool kit screwdriver that provides professional performance and may be used for repair. It has an all-in-one magnetic bit that quickly catches the screw and prepares it to be inserted into the screwdriver.

The magnetic tip of the tool is very useful for pulling tiny components out of holes or aligning small parts properly, and this small and narrow region may be found near the motherboard, near the fan, or while installing SSDs or HDDs, among other applications.
Its most outstanding feature is that it comes with the ultimate high-performance bit kit, which includes all necessary tools for any DIYer, fixer, hacker, hobbyist, and handyman. It’s completely fresh, and it’s very strong.

In addition, since it contains a plethora of features and is well-priced, nearly every customer is pleased with it and recommends it to others, which is why it is one of the most popular screwdrivers available on the market today, according to internet market research reports.

Dremel GO-01 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set- Phillips

Demel provides a high-quality screwdriver for customers who are looking to purchase a flexible and well-built screw gun that they can use to quickly and simply build the ideal computer with excellent adjustability.phillips screwdriver with battery power, constructed of high-quality materials and lightweight design. Dremel GO’s portability, along with its small driving force, makes it an excellent alternative for manual screwdrivers around the home.

The confidence that this company has in its product is shown in the fact that it offers a two-year limited warranty, which is an excessive amount of time to create faith in you to use the device without issue for many jobs.

Jakemy Ratchet Repair Screwdriver Set

PC tool kit screwdriver is an unique screwdriver that comes with nearly all of the sets that you will need for repairing and constructing any kind of computer system.

The Jakemy Ratchet handle has a 360-degree rotating tail, and it also has a fast-release mechanism for quick and simple repair.

Although it is not battery-operated, the quality of this tool is comparable to that of an electric screwdrive, and it is compact enough to be carried anywhere and stored in a backpack if desired.

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