How to Choose an Ideal Wood Burning Fireplaces

There are tons of designs for fireplaces. While this diversity is important for new homeowners, selecting an ideal design for your home may be a challenge. When investing in a fireplace or asking how to choose an ideal wood burning fireplaces?, you should consider the following factors.

How to Choose an Ideal Wood Burning Fireplaces


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Thinks to Consider Before Choose an Ideal Wood Burning Fireplaces 

1. The fireplace size

Size is an important consideration when choosing a wood-burning fireplace. As a homeowner, you should be specific on the fireplace sizing. Unfortunately, sizing has different meanings. For example, if you are looking for a fireplace for your main home, the definition of the size will be different from a person investing in a holiday home.

Some of the critical aspects you should consider when identifying the right fireplace for your home include:

a. The fireplace usage

How you will use the fireplace determines its size. There are two main uses in this case — supplementary or zonally.

Zone fireplaces are the key heat source for a home. Therefore maximizing the size is advisable. Since most zone fireplaces are the only heat source, going for the maximum size is the best thing to do as a homeowner.

On the other hand, you may be looking for a supplementary fireplace. If you are looking for a furnace to supplement an existing one, you should invest in a relatively smaller fireplace.

b. The area you want heated

Apart from the fireplace’s usage, it is vital to consider the target area (square feet). While most furnaces are aimed at warming the whole houses, there are some exceptions. One of the reasons why heating a portion of the house is critical is that it saves on firewood.

If you want to heat more square feet, it is advisable to invest in a larger fireplace. On the other hand, the smaller area requires a smaller fire.

For finer details regarding the fireplace and the targeted area, it is advisable to contact a professional. In this case, the professional will evaluate the targeted area and recommend the best fireplace size. You can check also Impact Driver vs Drill.


2. Design and style

The design and style of a fireplace is a decision you should make before investing in one. In most cases, you can either choose a modern fireplace design or a rustic design. Also, depending on your locality, there are customized designs for specific areas.

Some of the reasons why you should be keen on style and design include:

  • The design of a fireplace complements your house interior design
  • Ideal fireplace design is cost-effective in terms of firewood consumption and future repairs.

Apart from complementing the house design and minimizing the firewood use, the fireplace design determines your experience during winter seasons. For example, if you go for a better design (with minor compromises), there are high chances that you will not need a complementary heat source.

Also, when investing in a fireplace for your home, it is advisable to consider future repairs. While a furnace can last for generations without repairs, it is advisable to consider future maintenance. In this case, working with a professional in selecting the best design saves you the hustle in repairs.

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Finally, a perfect design should have a proper venting system. An ideal venting system must allow air inside without darkening the chimney. However, the air from outside should supply enough oxygen for burning the wood with less soot.


3. Environmentally friendliness

When investing in a fireplace, it is advisable to pay attention to the environment. While the world is becoming conscious of carbon emission, there are ways to use firewood and remain within the globally recommended carbon-emission standards.

Therefore, you should invest in a fireplace that has fewer smoke emissions. Unlike years back, it is possible to reduce the smoke emission by ensuring that firewood burns fully. If you are uncertain about these details, ask a professional opinion from a local fireplace dealer.

Also, it is advisable to invest in a fireplace that uses less firewood without affecting the heat levels. Modern furnaces can emit enough heat without burning excess wood. Therefore, when investing in a fire, pay attention to firewood consumption.

The ability to modify the fireplace in the future to make it eco-friendly is also an important consideration when investing in a furnace. In this case, the size of the stove should be adjustable in the future.


4. Heating efficiency

When investing in wood-burning firewood, it is essential to pay attention to heating efficiency. Paying attention to heating efficiency is necessary because of three reasons.

  • Saves wood
  • Make the fireplace eco-friendly
  • Makes your home warmer on a budget

Unlike other factors, most fireplaces will come with a “heating efficiency” tag. In such a case, you must identify which tag is genuine and work for you. However, consulting a professional saves time and money.

Apart from asking a professional, it is advisable to look at the fireplace designs. Modern designs have better heating abilities compared to older models. If you are working with an expert in the installation process, insist on newer and refined models instead of popular and earlier models.

Also, you can look at the estimated wood consumption. In most cases, it is easier to tell which fireplace requires more wood to produce a certain amount of heat and economical wood consumption. While fireplaces that consume less wood do not translate to efficiency, they have higher chances of being effective than others.

The golden rule is finding a trustworthy professional when looking for a heating-efficient fireplace. Apart from giving you estimate in terms of heat, professionals will provide you with more options to choose from and, therefore, allow you to weigh options.


5. Your home design

Did you know that different houses require different heating needs? Unlike other home installations, fireplaces are unique in each home. Therefore, it is impossible to replicate a fireplace design from another home to your place without adjusting some details.

Some of the aspects you should put into considerations when investing in a fireplace include:

a. The size of your home

If you have a bigger home, it is advisable to go for bigger fireplace design. The potential fireplace design must make your home warm during winter and at any other time. However, there are a few exceptions.

For example, if you have another heating alternative, you can opt for a different design. You can also alter the design if you are investing in a fireplace for a house you rarely use.

b. The amount of heat you want in your home

The amount of heat you need in a home is different from the size of your home. While the two are often used interchangeably, they mean different things. In this case, it is vital to consider the amount of heat you need at a specific time.

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For example, during winters, you may need more heat compared to other seasons. An ideal fireplace design must allow you to customize your home heating needs.

However, if you have other heating options, you can go for a smaller fireplace. Also, the placement of the furnace does not have to be too close to the sitting area.


6. Your budget

How much are you willing to spend in a fireplace? For some people, fire is necessary, while others are designed to add value to a home. Regardless of your intention, it is critical to work with a specific budget.

Unlike installing other home systems, it is possible to get an accurate quote. In this case, a quote helps in weight options and looks for ways to reduce the overall cost without jeopardizing the fireplace’s efficiency.

For example, if the budget is high or unreasonable, you change the fireplace placement in your home. Also, you can suggest a change in materials. Regardless of your options, it is advisable to talk to a professional.

Also, when calculating the installation budget, it is important to consider the installation cost. While some outlets may install at a subsidized fee, the concept may not apply in all places. Fortunately, most companies and fireplace dealers have definite installation fees.


7. The materials used

The materials used also play a big part in the usability and durability of a fireplace. Thanks to technology and innovations, there are more materials for homeowners investing in fireplaces. Some of the key options include:

a. Wooded fireplaces

Wood is the oldest building material for the fireplace. While people may have doubts about using wood as the primary material, wood can outlive other material if well built. However, when using wood for the fireplace, there are some things to check.

For example, it is advisable to review the local building codes regarding the recommended wood materials. Also, consult a professional on ways to make wood better even in high temperatures.

b. Steel

Steel is the most used material in making fireplaces. One of the things that most people prefer steel over other materials is its durability. Unlike wood, you will not need extra investment to make fireplace heat-resistant.

Steel fireplaces look modern and stylish. It is easier to modify a steel fireplace and give it a personal touch. Also, steel provides the fire with an industrial feeling without breaking a bank.

c. Concrete

If you are looking for a fireplace with natural finishes, concrete is a perfect material for you. While concrete is a relatively new material for the fire, it has the cleanest lines. Therefore, this material brings a contemporary feel to your house.

Also, concrete has more colors and textures. The availability of more color options makes the material a perfect investment for all homeowners. The same case applies to textures — there are tens of surfaces.

d. Stone

The fireplace made from stone has a rustic look. Also, with modifications, you can achieve a modern look. Therefore, the stone is a versatile material for wood fireplaces, regardless of your home design.

Also, the stone helps in radiating heating better than more materials. Therefore, you do not need to invest in an additional fireplace in your home if you go with stone as the primary building material.


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8. Safety

When investing in a wood-burning fireplace, it is advisable to consider safety. While keeping warm is more important during winter, the safety of the people in the house is essential. When choosing an ideal wood-burning fireplace, you should be keen on the following safety measures.

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a. The construction company

The company designing the fireplace must have a history of creating and making safe products. You must do background checks before investing money in any company. Once you have verified that the company makes safe products, go ahead and invest in a wood fireplace.

b. The construction

Different constructions have different degrees of safety. When looking for a safe construction design for your fireplace, it is vital to go for modern fireplace design. While some old models are safe, modern structures have more safety layers.

c. The source of fuel

While wood has a lot of bad reputation regarding safety, some fireplaces are safe, despise sung wood. Therefore, you should not shy from using wood as the primary fuel. The golden rule when using wood as the primary source of fuel is to be keen on details.


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Rules of choosing an ideal wood-burning fireplace 

Apart from paying attention to the above factors, there are some rules to know when investing in a new furnace. These rules include:

Only work with professionals

Working with a professional is the most important rule when investing in a wood-burning fireplace. Even though there are tons of videos on DIY guidelines, an expert is unmatched. In this, a professional will assist you in three ways.

  • Identify a plan and design that will work perfectly for your home.
  • Review aspects such as the best materials to use in the construction of a fireplace.
  • Professionals will also assist you in following your local guidelines regarding the construction of the fireplace.

Pay attention to your home interior design

Apart from being a source of heat and comfort, a fireplace adds a character to your home. Therefore, it is important to think through every aspect. For example, you should make sure that the fireplace materials match the general construction of your home.

Also, you should ensure that the design complements your interior design. If your home has a contemporary design, the best fireplace design should be contemporary. The same case applies to other interior designs.

In case you are uncertain about which model or design will match your interior design, it is advisable to talk to a professional. An experienced professional will help you choose the best design and decide which materials are perfect for your home.

Be open to budgeting

Budgeting is one of the main factors that prevent people from getting the best wood burning fireplace. While it is vital to be economical with every renovation aspect, it is advisable to be specific to the budget.

Being specific to the budget does not mean spending less money but being specific. Lack of giving every detail a thought may spoil the whole project. If you are uncertain about how much it will take to get a wood-burning fireplace, ask a professional quote.

Also, you should weight options when it comes to materials. If concrete is affordable in your area, it is advisable to go for it instead of getting a similar material at a high price.


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Choosing the best wood-burning fireplace is an engaging process. Although there is a saturation of information about the fireplace, most of the information lacks specialization. For example, most videos and blogs do not address regulations by local governments, available materials, and your home design.

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