Best Tool For Cut Foam Board

It is pretty hasty to pick the best tool for cut foam board because of diverse products and duplicacy, however, this is not that hard here. Regardless of what you use the foam board for, it may be as a building material, for crafting, photography mounting, insulation and the likes, you would surely want to have it cut in the best and fastest possible way. Cutting it cleanly without any rough edge, with so much ease and also without creating any toxic fume is the wish of every foam board user.

In this present day, there are numerous ways through which you can cut your foam and also several tools that can help you with that. This is why in this article we are presenting to you the best tools for cutting foam board. Read on to have an idea on our top picks and why we chose them as the best cutting tools. This can also give you an edge on where to start when you decide to make a purchase.

Best Tool For Cut Foam Board

What Is The Best Tool For Cutting Foam Board?

If you are still reading on, then you are really interested in making the right decision to buy the best tool for cutting foam board.

We all know cutting foam is a really different game compared to cutting wood. It always requires the right tools for the job to deliver the right result. Trying to make that cut without the right tool can make your result pretty messy, it would also be time-consuming and a real hard job to get done.RoMech Foam Cutter - Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit- with Blades & Accessories

On the market, we have numerous foam board cutting tools and as always, each manufacturer would tell you their product is the best in the market even when we know some are not up to average. This is why we are bringing the list of the best tool for cutting foam board to you so you can weigh them up and decide on which one would be better for you.

Top 5 Best Tools For Cutting Foam Board

Just as we mentioned above, there are so many foam board cutting tools available on the market but that doesn’t make them all great or even good. We are presenting you with the best 5 tools for cutting foam board and also why they can be regarded as the best in the market.



Product Name

Our Rating



Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT 115/E

Proxxon 37080 Foam Board Cutter


RoMech Foam Cutter

RoMech Foam Cutter -  Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit- with Blades & Accessories


Styrofoam Cutting Pen

GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Electric Foam Cutter   Machine


Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit

Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit for Foam Board


Foam Cutting Machine

TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine

#1: Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT 115/E

The Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT is often regarded as the best foam board cutting tool on the market. This is because its design and features creates an avenue for it to provide accurate and precise cuts that would be harder to achieve should you use a handheld cutting tool. This tool is perfect for the designers, modelers, architects and the likes. Those who need to have an idea of the measurement of each part of the foam before making their cut. If you want clean cuts with top accuracy in every cut, then this is the perfect tool for you. Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter Tools For Cutting Foam Board


To perform at such a high level, the Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT can’t possess mediocre features. This is why it is loved and has gained such a high reputation among foam board users. It features a LED light to give you a forewarning on the hot wire to prevent cutting accidents. The wire is also adjustable so it can be used for miter cutting. The wire reaches a temperature of 360 degrees Fahrenheit almost immediately to enable clean cuts.


Item Weight7.9 pounds
Product Dimension17.32 inches x 4.53 inches x 13.19 inches
Model Number37080
SizeOne Pack

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Inbuilt accurate measuring device.
  2. Fast wire heating
  3. Clean cuts.
  4. Guaranteed accurate cuts.
  5. Miter cutting.
  6. Adjustable wire.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Needs to be assembled.
  2. Design can be a bit confusing without proper instructions.


Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT is more than an average cutting tool. This is why it is placed as one of the best and the top of our list. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want to have the perfect cut, accuracy and neatness all in one, then this is a great choice.


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#2: RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife

The RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife is just everything you need to get that perfect cut. You don’t need any previous experience, tutorials or instructions to know how to make use of this piece. It is easy to use for both beginners and professionals and also delivers exceptional cuts. This is a quite the different type of knife cutter. With this tool, you make use of heated blades to cut through foam board and other materials. It is portable and with this you can make that cut into your desired shape and angles you need to aid your work. This RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife is suitable for both industrial and commercial use. RoMech Foam Cutter - Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit- with Blades & Accessories


The RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife is a heavy duty tool which is why it can be used as industrial equipment. This hot knife comes with an eight-inch blade which makes it capable of cutting through thick materials. The temperature range is adjustable. This feature makes it easier for you to capture that sweet spot so you can get that smooth cut.


Item Weight2.84 pounds
Product Dimension13.1 inches x 11 inches x 4 inches
Model NumberRoMech – 005
SizeNon-Air cooled

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Temperature can be adjusted and controlled.
  2. Durable.
  3. Built specifically to ensure value.
  4. Highly rated.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. It is majorly a cutting tool and not really suitable for engraving or any form of detail capability.


One of the benefits of the RoMech Foam Cutter – Pro Electric Hot Knife is its low price tag and its portability. With a weight of 2.84 pounds, it is quite easy to move and handle plus, you do not need any training on how to use it. It is a great tool for both the beginners and veterans in the business. Enjoy accurate, smooth and precise cutting with this piece.


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#3: GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit

If you want something that can guarantee you clean and smooth cuts in different shapes, angles and sizes then you should definitely go for the GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit. With this tool, you can cut the foam board or block into any shape you want from any angle or craft. It can be used by architects, modelers, designers and the likes. Be it Halloween costumes, model making classes or hand practice, this tool comes in handy. It can also be used for commercial and industrial purposes as well. Made and designed from high quality metal, this tool is quite durable and long-lasting. It is a high reputable tool for engraving and foam cutting. GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit


The GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit has the ability to provide you with the best cuts and that is thanks to its amazing features. This tool possesses an 18w high power foam cutter, a 10cm and 5cm hot knife and a 10 cm bow hot blade cutter holder, hence the name 3 in 1.


Item Weight13.4 ounces
Product Dimension11.81 inches  x 6.3 inches x 2.56 inches
MaterialPlastic & Metal

Reasons to Buy:

  1. It is highly durable and long lasting
  2. Portable design.
  3. High power cutter.
  4. Clean and smooth cutting
  5. Lightweight.
  6. Easy to use.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Few users have complained about the smell when it heats up.


The GOCHANGE 3 in 1 Foam Cutter Electric Cutting Machine Pen Tools Kit is very trustworthy and reliable. Its lightweight design and portable structure makes it one of the best tools for foam board cutting. Adjustable temperature and high power helps provide a smooth and clean cut. Get your money’s worth with this tool and never regret the decision.


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#4: Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit for Foam Board

Every craftsman, architect, designer, modeler, need a standard tool to help make life much easier and give them their desired result with every cut. There is no need to search further. The Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit is one of the best foam board cutting tools you can find on the market. The special thing about this product is that it comes in a kit. Numerous features to ensure you get the best out of work. Unlike some other products on our list that are not only for foam board cutting, the Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit is just for standard foam board cutting alone. With such specific design, you can be sure to get nothing less than an exceptional result. Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit for Foam Board for Creative Use In Art


The Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit comes with some exceptional and standout features. With this tool, you have six different cutters with each of them having 2 separate replacement blades each for your cutting needs suitable for both big and small projects. It also comes with an instructional book should you need one. With its tools, you can cut angles of 90 degrees and 45 degrees with ease.


ManufacturerLogan Graphic Products
Item Weight4.84 pounds
Product Dimension8 inches x 9 inches x 32 inches
Model NumberW1002

Reasons to Buy:

  1. High standard tool.
  2. Cleans and smooth cut.
  3. Easy for cutting straight lines.
  4. It comes with replacement blades.
  5. Durable and long-lasting.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Only suitable for foam cutting.


This tool is the example of a tool built for one specific purpose which ends up being great at it. Although it can only be used for foam cutting, it is the perfect tool for any craftsman or designer to get the best out of his work. It is durable and quite easy to use. It still comes with an instructional book should you need any help whatsoever. If you want standard outcome, go for the Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit and enjoy classy results.


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#5: TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine

Being the last on our list doesn’t make it the worst of all. Trust me; it is very dependable and excellent. The TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine is one of high standard and for those who need great results on their designs and cuts. Aside from being an excellent foam board cutting tool, it is also suitable for planning, other forms of designs, building and lots more. With such a low price tag, you stand to gain so much more with this versatile product. Whether small scale cutting or large scale cutting, the TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine is equal to the task. TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine Cutter Working Table Tool


For top performance you don’t need to gather up all the features and put them in one product. You only need the most important of them and that is exactly what TBVECHI has done with this tool. Amongst it features are the cut circular plate, heating wire device, operating surface, moveable ruler, power switch, and a power adapter all of which are to help with a high cutting efficiency.


Item Weight5.79 pounds
Product Dimension16.7 inches x 13 inches x 5.5 inches
Model NumberKD-6
Power100 – 240V

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Versatile cutting tool.
  2. High powered cutter.
  3. Sturdy design with a lock down fence.
  4. Allows you change angles of cuts.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. Adjusting the angle too much can affect your cuts negatively.


The TBVECHI Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine is a very reliable tool for foam cutting and all kinds of design. It is high power creates a better efficiency and it is suitable for all works. It is easy to use and has a very sturdy frame. It comes at a good price and it is a wonderful bargain once purchased.


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Best Way to Cut Foam Board

There are several ways you can cut a foam board and get your desired shape. This is because there are several tools that’s can be used to cut your foam board into your desired shape. The same process it takes to make those small and simple cuts isn’t the same you use for the large cuts. Larger cuts need more complex and better tools which mean more machine-like tools while those small cuts can be done manually with little tools. The best ways to cut a foam board includes;

  1. Manually
  2. Use of Machine or electric tools.


Cutting manually is mainly done when you have a thin or lighter foam board. This doesn’t need the use of a wire cutter or an electric tool and can be done perfectly with a scissors. Although this has to be done with a heavy-duty scissors. To get the best out of this method, you should lightly mark your supposed cutting line with a permanent marker before you begin as it will help you with a better accuracy.

Use of Machines or Electric Tools:

The use of electric tools to cut foam board into preferred shape is now more common among modelers, craft designers, architects and the likes. This is because they are now used to making shaping thicker and larger sized foam boards. The use of electric knives, foam saws and wire cutters have become more popular because they help make the cutting of thicker foam saws easier and less stressful.


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How to Cut Foam Board

If there is the need to cut a foam board for a project then you would need to do it right as always. There are a few steps that can help you make those perfect cuts and also help keep you protected in the process. These few steps include;

Ensure the foam is secured to your cutting surface:

If you have a foam saw that is fixed to your cutting or work surface, then it would be easier especially moving the foam board around. If you are using an unattached knife, secure the foam to the table using clamps or place it in a vise.


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Protect Yourself:

Always endeavor to wear protective gears to keep your essential parts safe while using an electric cutter. Wear face mask to avoid breathing in the foam dust and protective goggles to keep your eyes covered at always.

Using an Electric knife:

Plug in the electric knife you wish to use and turn it on before placing it on the foam board you are about to cut. Ensure to use the thinnest part of the blade to make those curved and straight cuts. Be slow and gentle while cutting so they come out clean. Avoid pushing down when cutting a soft foam board, it can make cutting difficult and cause mistakes.

Using Foam Saw:

Using a foam saw is actually more advisable for one who does a lot of foam board cutting very often. The saw has a base which supports it. You only have to place that base on your cutting table. Since the blade runs vertically, all you need do is hold your foam and move it against the blade to help you get your desired shape.

Using a wire cutter

For those using a wire cutter, the first thing is to plug it in and wait for it to get hot. For straight cuts, all you need do is run the foam through the blade. You can make use of a hot wire foam cutting table to make wavy or curvy lined cuts.


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Final Recommendations:

We believe you have gone through this article and it has been helpful to you. Now you can be sure to correctly decide on what foam cutter suits you and what makes one stand out from the other. Always ensure that you check every item and cutting tool thoroughly before making a purchase. Because it is working equipment, it is advised you select tools with a better warranty period.

If your cutting task is a big one, then go for a tool with more heat. If you are involved in crafting or working with thinner sheets, then go for small and sharp tools. Always keep yourself protect at all times to avoid physical and long-term damage to any part of your body.


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