Best Scroll Saw Blades

Whether you are a professional woodworker or hobbyist, a scroll saw is one of the ideal tools to have in a workshop. They transform basic woodwork into art and minimize the work put in the finishing process. However, the main reason why a blade is critical is its ability to transform your carpentry skills from basic to professional.

However, to achieve better sculptural designs and intricate shapes, you should own the best blade. Depending on your workload and what you want to achieve, there are tens of blade designs, shapes, and brands. Most are ideal for all types of projects, especially when working with wood and plastic.

Top 10 Best Scroll Saw Blades

Compared to ten years, the scroll saw blades market is unfortunately saturated. Buying a piece for your saw may be intimidating, especially if you have never shopped for blades before. However, that should never be the case. Here are the best ten blades for all types of users, based on functionality, usability, and brand history in making woodwork accessories.


#1: SKIL Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set

Are you looking for a blade set to make precise and smooth cuts? If yes, the Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set is a perfect buy for you. One of the first impressions you will get with this set of blades is the construction quality. Also, the blades are unmatched in creating smooth and intricate cuttings, thanks to the ground teeth.SKIL 80182 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set

Unique Features

The features that make this blade a perfect buy for your include:

  • High-quality steel

The steel quality in these blades is high. Therefore, you are certain about its durability and its exceptional cuts. While the blade may not cut some materials, it is ideal for general projects.

  • Sharper for easy cutting

The blade’s precision makes it ideal for easy cutting, especially if you prefer complete control of your woodwork. While results may vary depending on one’s experience, the blade does not disappoint.

Technical details

Weight0.992 ounces
Dimensions9.02 x 3.5 x 0.12 inches


The five major advantages of using this blade include:

  • It fits in many scroll saws
  • Ideal all-round kit
  • Can cut all materials
  • Cuts all directions
  • Affordable


  • The pin may break easily


#2: Semme Scroll Saw Blades

The Semme Scroll Saw Blades is one of the best options based on what you pay and what you get. The sharp teeth make the saw ideal for all types of projects, even some metals. Besides its well-thought pricing, the blade is a perfect buy for newbies and casual cutters looking for a durable buy.Saw Blades, with Spiral Teeth for Wood Metal Plastic Cutting Sawing Carve

Unique Features

The features that make this set a perfect investment for you include:

  • The high carbon steel

The blade is 100% carbon steel. With this choice of construction material, you are confident about two things. First, the blade has an unmatched hardness, perfect for all types of projects. Second, the blade has unmatched strength, and it does not break easily.

  • Sharp tooth

The second feature is its sharp tooth. Thanks to the sharpness, you have all the freedom to make exciting and creative cuts. However, the quality of cuts depends on one’s experience and the material you are cutting.

Technical details

Weight0.211 ounces
Dimensions5.12 x 0.04 x 0.04 inches
MaterialHigh carbon  steel


The five advantages of investing and using the Semme Scroll Saw Blades include:

  • It is durable
  • Perfect for all uses
  • Reasonably priced
  • The blade does not stick
  • Ideal for accurate cuts


  • Not the best choice for intricate work


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#3: IRWIN Tools Coping Saw Blades

The IRWIN Tools Coping Saw Blades give some of the cleanest cuts on this list. While the blade may be aggressive on wood, the cuts are smooth and perfect for professionals and casual users. Also, the blade is durable and robust, thanks to steel, which is the primary construction material.IRWIN Tools Coping Saw Blades

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Unique Features

The unique features that make the IRWIN Tools Coping Saw Blades worth investing include:

  • The steel construction

Since you will need more strength and durability when cutting wood and plastic, the blade is steel. Although it may break in some cases, you are sure of months of extreme work with this choice.

  • Compatible with different scroll saws

Besides its strength, it is compatible with different scroll saws. This feature’s main advantage is that you can use the blade on multiple machines, especially if you are a professional using more than one saw.

  • Sharp tooth

The IRWIN blade also has a sharp tooth. Thanks to this feature, you can do all types of projects, such as cutting complex designs. Also, the sharp tooth makes the unit a perfect option for professionals.

Technical details

Weight0.2 ounces
Dimensions9.25 x 2 x 0.1 inches


The five advantages of using the IRWIN blade include:

  • It is durable
  • Makes perfect cuts
  • Ideal for professionals and casual users
  • Compatible with many saws
  • Easy to work with


  • It cannot cut in all directions


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#4: Delta Sharp Scroll Saw Blades

The Delta Sharp Scroll saw blades are a perfect addition to any professional looking for reliable tools. Besides having one of the best pricing, the blade has some interesting specs. First, it is one of the fewer professional options that cut in straight lines. Second, the TPI number makes it worth investing in, especially considering its affordability.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation 40-519-Precision Ground Sharp

Unique Feature

The unique specs that make the Delta scroll saw blade with checking include:

  1. Premium grade steel

The premium-grade steel is one of the most impressive specs why you should try out this brand instead of other options. Thanks to the choice of material, you can accomplish more with unmatched accuracy, especially when working on professional projects.

  • Cuts in all directions

Besides the premium steel body, the blade cuts in all directions. There are two advantages to these features. First, it allows you to polish up your carpentry skills without affecting your work. Second, cutting in all directions is unmatched, especially when working on complex projects that require more customization.

Technical details

BrandDelta Power Equipment Corporation
Weight0.352 ounces
Dimensions0.75 x 2.5 x 9 inches


The main pros for using the Delta blades, as opposed to others, include:

  • Made from premium-grade steel
  • Cuts in all directions
  • Can cut all materials
  • It has a high TPI count
  • Ideal for professionals


  • Thicker than most alternatives


#5: Bosch SS5-20 scroll blade

For years, Bosch has been synonymous with unmatched tools for woodworkers. The new SS5-20 is not different. The blade is a Tpi pin end with an impressive ability to handle professional and everyday workshop projects. Also, the blade is one of the few options that cut intricate shapes and angles at ease, regardless of one’s experience working with scroll blades.Bosch SS5-20 5-Inch X 20-Tpi Pin

Unique Feature

The features that make this blade one of the best options in the market include:

  • Premium steel

The material makes the blade one of the best buys for professionals and hobbyists. The two main reasons why premium steel is perfect for you are the durability and easiness of working on different materials. In the long last, the blade is cost-effective.

  • Precision sharpened

The blade’s precision sharpness makes it perfect for all intricate cuttings. Thanks to this feature, the blade is a darling to professionals looking for alternatives for complex projects. Also, hobbyists will find the blade unmatched, especially when transitioning to complex projects which require accuracy and details.

Technical details

Weight0.352 ounces
Dimensions1.3 x 1.81 x 9.88 inches
MaterialSteel and plastic


The five advantages of the premium blade include:

  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Works on different machines
  • Perfect for intricate cuts


  • Not effective on some metals


#6: Bosch SS5-15 Pin End Blade

The Bosch SS5-15 is a pin end blade for professional woodworkers and other users interested in better functionality. It has one of the best materials, which makes it perfect for long-time use. The premium-grade steel is also cost-effective since you will not need to buy another blade after weeks. Besides the specs, it works on all saw blades, regardless of the brand.Bosch SS5-15 5-Inch X 15-Tpi Pin End

Unique specs

The specs that make the saw blade one of the best options for professionals include:

  • Precision sharpened

As a woodworker, the ability to work effortlessly is unmatched. This blade allows you to have that luxury, thanks to the precision sharpening. With this feature, it is possible to work on intricate shapes and lines, regardless of your experience with woodwork designs.

  • Premium-grade steel

The premium-grade steel is unique for many reasons. However, the two main reasons for choosing high-end steel are durability and work on different surfaces. Besides wood, the blade is effective when working on plastic and some metals.

Technical details

Weight0.32 ounces
Dimensions0.25 x 1.81 x 9.88 inches
MaterialPremium steel


The key advantages of the saw blade include:

  • Durability
  • Works on different saws
  • Perfect for intricate projects
  • Ability to work on other materials
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It may disappoint when shaping and cutting some metals


#7: Olson SP46300 Spiral blade

Are you looking for a spiral blade that works on all machines with zero compromises? The Olson SP46300 Spiral blade is a perfect investment for you. It has some impressive specs, which makes it ideal for different projects in a regular workshop. It is also suitable for professionals doing intricate cuts and shapes. However, carbon steel is the most iconic feature in the spiral blade.Olson Saw SP46300 Spiral

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Unique Feature

The unique features that make the Olson SP46300 Spiral blade worth checking include:

  • Hardened carbon steel

Unlike other blades that have regular steel, the Olson SP46300 has improved carbon steel. Therefore, you are assured of two things when you buy the blade. First, durability is unmatched, regardless of your main project. Second, the improved material makes the blade perfect for different projects with zero compromises.

  • 360 cutting capability

The blade is one of the few options that allow you to have multidirectional cuts. The ability has many advantages. For example, as a woodworker, you are limited by your imagination when working on intricate projects. Also, this feature makes the blade a perfect choice for professionals and hobbyists transitioning to complex projects.

Technical details

Weight0.2 ounces
Dimensions1.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches
MaterialCarbon steel


The key advantages of the Olson SP46300 Spiral blade include:

  • Durable
  • Multidirectional cuts
  • Works on all machines
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cuts on all surfaces


  • Hard to install


#8: OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground

The new OLSON blades are special for professionals and hobbyists looking for better blades. The two factors that make the blades unique in a saturated market are material and the uniqueness in cutting different materials. Therefore, you can do much without paying much with this brand.OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground

Unique features

The features in the OLSON blades include:

  • Compatibility with different saws

The ability to fit in different brands makes this blade one of the best options on this list. If you have multiple saws from different brands, this is the saw to buy. Also, the compatibility makes it ideal, especially if you are uncertain about your machine’s configurations.

  • Steel construction

Steel is one of the best choices when making blades. Luckily, the choice of steel in this blade is an industrial choice, which makes the blade special in two ways. First, it can withstand pressure, especially when working with hard surfaces. Second, the choice of material makes this blade durable.

Technical details

Weight1.7 ounces
Dimensions5.3 x 1 x 0.1 inches


The main advantages of this scroll saw blade to a user include:

  • The blade fits in different scroll saws
  • Can cut different materials
  • Capable of multi-directional cut
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners


  • The blade is thicker


#9: Pike Jeweler’s Saw Blades for Tight Turns

The Pike Jeweler’s Saw blades are a perfect buy for users interested in accuracy and speed. Ideally, the blades are used by professionals working on special projects such as making jewelry. Besides being perfect for professional projects, you can use the blades for your everyday projects at home. They are also ideal when transitioning from being a hobbyist to professional work.Pike Jeweler's Saw Blades

Unique Feature

Some of the unique features that make this set of blades worth checking include:

  • Swiss quality

The swiss quality makes the saw blade one of the best options for many projects. It can withstand pressure and hard materials with fewer difficulties. Due to this design, the blade is perfect for professionals and hobbyists working on hard metals.

  • Round backs

One of the things that make the Pike’s blade worth checking is its ability to cut shapes and curves easily. Thanks to this feature, you can use the blade for professional work where accuracy is a necessity. Also, the blade is durable when working on intricate curves, thanks to the steel body.

Technical details

BrandPike Jeweler’s
Weight1 ounces
Dimensions5.4 x 1 x 0.1 inches
MaterialSpecial alloy steel


The main advantages of using the scroll saw blade include:

  • It fits in different scroll blades
  • Capable of cutting different materials
  • Cuts in all directions
  • String and durable
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners


  • Pin brokerage


#10: Flying Dutchman Ultra Saw Blade

Are you looking for durable and effective blades? The Flying Dutchman is a perfect brand for you, regardless of what you do for a living. The blades are sharper than most alternatives in the market, thanks to materials and pinless design. Making the blade using top-grade steel also makes this brand unique for specialized projects in your workshop.Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Five Dozen

Unique Feature

Some of the unique features that make the Flying Dutchman Ultra Saw Blade worth investing include:

  • Top-grade hardened steel

The first unique feature is the top-grade hardened steel. Thanks to the choice of material, you have two advantages as a user. First, the blades are durable, regardless of your intended project. Second, you do not need to buy another set of blades, making the blade economical for you as a user.

  • Aggressively fast cut

There are two reasons why the Flying Dutchman Ultra Saw Blade is aggressively fast. It is an ultra reverse, and the blade design makes it possible for quick cuts.  Thanks to these features, you can do your work faster with almost zero errors. Therefore, the brand is ideal for newbies trying out scroll blades.

Technical details

BrandFlying Dutchman
Weight1.58 ounces
Dimensions9.2 x 6 x 0.3 inches


The five advantages of using the Flying Dutchman Ultra Saw Blade include:

  • Durable
  • Faster cuts
  • Cuts in multiple directions
  • Works on different saws
  • Ideal for professionals and hobbyists


  • Not be long-lasting in some cases


Factors to consider when buying a scroll saw blade for your machine

Thanks to different uses, there are many factors to consider when purchasing blades. Some are obvious, while others require technical knowledge when buying them. Here are some of the factors to pay attention to when buying extra blades for your saw.

The nature of the intended project

While all scroll blades use almost similar mechanics when working, some are ideal for specific projects than others. The major types and their uses include:

  • Cutting intricate curves
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The primary use of the scroll saw blades is making intricate curves on plastic, metal, and wood. There are many uses of intricate curves, such as professional art projects. Unlike other saws, the scroll blades allow you to make turns when working on wood, complex in other cases.

  • Cutting dovetail joints

Dovetail joints are intricate, and you need a blade that can navigate wood and curve the joint. Therefore, the scroll blades are unmatched in getting the dovetail joints with ease, regardless of their intricacy or your experience.

The material used

The choice of material plays a huge role in the overall experience when using the scroll saw blade. For example, if you buy a blade made from a weaker metal, you may have challenges when cutting some metals and wood. Also, you may not have an easy time cutting intricate shapes.

Therefore, you should only get steel blades. Some companies make carbon steel while other premium steel. In all cases, steel is durable and easy to use.

The nature of the saw blade

Although all scroll saw blades have an almost similar work mechanism, there come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the key choices you will mainly make when buying blades for your saw include:

  • Pin vs. pinless: Which blade is the best for you? 

Scroll saws accept the two types of blades. However, the two have different purposes, especially when working with wood. In order to determine which is perfect for your project, you should first understand how they work.

Pinless blades are perfect for generic cuttings and general projects. If you do not intend to do a complex task, you can save money by getting pinless blades. The main advantage of the blades is they last longer than the pin-end ones.

On the other hand, the pin-end blades are unique for special projects, especially the one that needs special attention to intricate cuts. The downside is they do not last longer than the pinless blades. However, they allow you to have more freedom when working with wood, metal, and plastic.

  • The blade’s brand 

While it is possible to get a good scroll saw blade from a generic brand, known brands are consistent in quality. Buying one from a known brand minimizes possible mistakes which may result in accidents. If you are uncertain about brands, purchasing any of the above blades is advisable, regardless of your tasks.



Are all scroll saw blades the same?

No. Since different woodworkers have different approaches and needs, scroll saw blades are not the same. If you plan to invest in a blade, there are some factors to put on your checklist. The cutting tooth, for example, should be one of the considerations.

The main difference between different blades is the configurations in other blades. In most cases, manufacturers distinguish different blades by using TPI, which is the teeth per inch configuration. Besides the size and designs, the usability between blades differs from one brand to another.

Who makes the best scroll saw blades?

Unlike decades ago, there are tens of companies making blades for scroll saws. Due to this aspect, the market is saturated with many blades, some impressive while others are substandard. However, the technology for making blades has improved over the years.

While there are many ways of determining the best blades from the rest, you can never go wrong by investing in a renowned brand. If you are uncertain about which brand is perfect for you, check the blades highlighted below.

How do I choose a scroll saw blade?

Regardless of your experience in working with scroll saws, having the best blade is unmatched. So, if you plan to invest in blades, you should pay attention to the following factors. First, the material used to make the blade is the first thing you should consider before clicking the buy button. Steel blades are better and durable.

Second, the blade range should match your machine’s configurations. For a better experience, buy a blade that ranges from #12 to #3/0. Also, it would be best if you remembered that the wider the blade, the fewer its teeth. Finally, a perfect blade for your scroll blade should be from a recognized company. Check some of the units highlighted above.

How long do scroll saw blades last?

The durability and usability of saw blades depend on your tasks. If you have a complex project, the blade is more likely to last less time. On the other hand, if you use the blade occasionally, a pack may last months before buying another one.

On average, the scroll saw blades last from 15 to 45 minutes. However, the material used on the blade influences its durability. If the blade is carbon steel, you may use it for more minutes than only a steel blade.

Do I need a scroll saw?

As a woodworker, there are tons of things you can do with a scroll saw. For example, you can use the saw to create wood projects such as wood mosaic. Also, you can use it for professional projects that require precise cuts. So, the question of whether you need a scroll saw depends on your work routine. However, it is one of the tools that bring more creativity and precision to your wood projects.


Final recommendations

Regardless of your experience in working with wood, you need a scroll saw. While you can improvise most of the work done by this tool, you can never go wrong with adding more tools to your workshop. However, to use the scroll saws, you need the best blades. The above ten blades are unmatched for all types of woodworkers. Also, most of the units are compatible with different saws.

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