Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Ever Made

Husqvarna 531300081 3/8-Inch Saw Chain Filing Kit
Husqvarna 531300081 3/8-Inch Saw Chain Filing Kit
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Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy Duty Braces Big and Tall X Style (Black 1)
Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy Duty Braces Big and Tall X Style (Black 1)
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Husqvarna chainsaw chain 18-Inch .050 gauge .325 pitch low kickback low-vibration
Husqvarna chainsaw chain 18-Inch .050 gauge .325 pitch low kickback low-vibration
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Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet , Orange
Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet , Orange
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Husqvarna 100000107 Powerbox Chainsaw Carrying Case for 455 Rancher, 460, 372XP and 575XP
Husqvarna 100000107 Powerbox Chainsaw Carrying Case for 455 Rancher, 460, 372XP and 575XP
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Husqvarna 531300441 H-80 Chainsaw Chain, Orange/Gray
Husqvarna 531300441 H-80 Chainsaw Chain, Orange/Gray
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Sterling Silver Light Cable Chain 1.2mm Solid 925 Rolo Link New Necklace 16"
Sterling Silver Light Cable Chain 1.2mm Solid 925 Rolo Link New Necklace 16"
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DRKA Men's Steel Toe Work Boots Water Resistant Safety Shoes(18950-brn-44)
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Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar, 3/8-Inch by .050-Inch
Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar, 3/8-Inch by .050-Inch
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Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw,Orange
Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw,Orange
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Among all prominent tools manufacturers, we’ll discuss the best Husqvarna chainsaw ever made. Husqvarna is a famous manufacturer in the world, especially for its classy enchanting tools and equipment. Chainsaws are great tools for every day works like cutting wood logs, metal sheets, renovation, or carpentry. Most people are familiar with Dewalt, Eastwood, Makita tools; but Husqvarna is the best affordable gadget manufacturer all the time. In this article, we’ll show the top 5 chainsaws from this prominent industry and the buyer’s guide, special privileges, safety tips & tricks as well. Let’s get started!

Last Update: August 2022Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Ever Made

Top 5 Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Ever Made

Everyone who works as a woodworker or lumberjack knows about a chainsaw. Hence, we don’t prolong this article introducing these tools. For newbie readers, we suggest surfing on the internet and google some images. Besides, a chainsaw is a type of electrical saw with a long, sharp miter blade. Pretty closer to a mini generator shape, these chainsaws are a beast, in a word.



Product Name

Our Rating



460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 Rancher  20 Inch Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna 120i Cordless Battery Powered  14 Inch  Chainsaw

Husqvarna 120i Cordless Chainsaw


440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna 440E Gas Powered Chain Saw


Husqvarna 445e 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 445e 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna 18 in. X-Cut Chainsaw

Husqvarna 18 in. X-Cut Chainsaw

1. Husqvarna Rancher 460 – 20 inch Gas Chainsaw

The ergonomic nature of the Ranchen gas chainsaw Husqvarna 20 inch 460 enables the owner of the house to conveniently control the saw strength. This gas-powered chainsaw is powerful, but simple to begin with thanks to SmartStart technology, to cut trees if it is appropriate to plunge, branch, or cut firewood. The centrifugal cleaning system for air injection helps to avoid larger dust and waste particles from hitting the filter and thereby increase the life of the motor. For more relaxed chainsaw operation the LowVib anti-vibration system lowers vibration level.Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Special Features of Rancher 460

  • 460 Rancher’s chain-saw is a robust all-round saw for long-bar workers.
  • 2 cycle engine for protection during service with an Intertia chain brake.
  • Orange chain saw Husqvarna bar and 2 sheets Included.
  • The automated chain oiler stocks the bar and chain oil with a steady supplier for safe and reliable use.
  • Easy, side-mounted chain tensioning device for quick chain adjustments.
  • The quick-release air filter makes the air filter easy to clean and replace.
  • Husqvarna x-torque chain saw reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Product specifications

Color Orange
Power 3.62 hp
Item weight 12.79 lbs
Dimension 29 x 12.75 x 10.5 inch
Model no. 966048330
Blade 20 inch


  • Super clutch cover.
  • Built-in air filter.
  • Oil level indicator included.
  • Plenty of output power.
  • Best for beginners chainsaw.


  • Bar and chain assembling is harder.


Right out of the case, mounting involved only the very easy attachment of the bar and chain. It began on the second pull and then began on the first pull each time. The saw is not too powerful and the technology for anti-vibration is outstanding.


2. Husqvarna Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

Such for the ultimate chainsaw without a cord? The Husqvarna 120i is a lightweight, easy to use battery panel suitable for cutting small trees and branches. The intuitive keyboard requires a breeze to start while the inertia brake ensures smooth handling. The saving mode means that you won’t run out of the battery and low noise levels allow you to function without disrupting the surrounding areas.Husqvarna 14 Inch 120i Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

Special Attributes of 120i

  • For protection when operating an Intertia powered chain brake.
  • 40-volt chain saw battery driven by bar and chain guide.
  • Automatic chain oil supplies bar and chain oil for safe and efficient use continuously.
  • A separate buy involves a chainsaw chain, chain saw case and chain saw sharpener.
  • Check keypad intuitive.

Specification table

Color Orange
Power 2 hp
Item weight 10.8 lbs
Dimension 33 x 9.25 x 9.45 inch
Model no. 120i
Voltage 230 VAC, 40 VDC


  • Easy to use and maneuver.
  • Tiny gas saw.
  • Battery charges faster.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 1y limited warranty.


  • The warranty period is too short.


It’s a little bucking diameter. The battery would not last as long if you constantly cut large logs in diameter. The battery life extends to keep your chain sharp. In brief, I would not hesitate to recommend a chain section that is operated by a battery if you also cut wood for long periods.


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3. Husqvarna 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Take the newer, slimmer Husqvarna 440e easily to your next project. This light, strong chain saw is suitable for anyone seeking an easy-to-use efficient workhorse. You can pull the start cord and start the engine soon. The chain saw is an extraordinary mix of user-friendly features and raw energy with the Smart Start technology and an X-Torq motor.440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw

Special Features of X-torq

  • Fuel indicator included.
  • Air filtering system.
  • Organic kick-start design.
  • Ergonomic handle, easier to shift, maneuverable.
  • Precision cuttings.

Specification table

Dimension 18.4 x 12.3 x 11 inch
Item weight 15.1 lbs
Model no. 440
Power output 2.4 hp
Speed 9000 rpm (no load)
Chain 18 inch
Max. cutting depth/dia 32 inch


  • Electric powerful motor and engine.
  • A large chain has been seen with all users.
  • air engine and air filter injection system for sustained life.
  • Fuel quality features X-Torq and decreased output of poisonous fumes.
  • Ideal for light to moderate construction.
  • Simple to run and easy to maintain.
  • Very simple to hold and very compact.
  • Low vibration for more effective cuts.


  • Not good for large projects or timbers.


It delivers outstanding service and it is worth investing in this model. We can guarantee you that this model can be a perfect alternative for you if you need a lightweight seam for moderate to small jobs in your yard. And you should consider a Husqvarna 440E if you want a new model for its popular lineup.


4. Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw

The ergonomic nature of the Husqvarna 16″ 445e II gas chain saw helps homeowners to efficiently handle the strength of the saw. Smart Start technology makes it strong yet still simple to start with. This Gas driven chain saw is prepared to cut trees if you require firewood to be prune, branch, or cut.18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw

Special Features of 445e II

  • The technology of smart launch.
  • Airflow chain is continuous.
  • Building is not accident-prone.
  • Air filter offers a rapid release.

Specification Table

Dimension 20 x 10 x 12.5 inch
Item weight 10.8 lbs
Model no. 445e II
Power output 2.4 hp
Chain 16 inch
Color Orange
Speed 4500 rpm


  • Easy to clean/maintenance.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Precision cuts.
  • No expertise is required.
  • 2y warranty.


  • Only a single color.


The chain friction appears to be very well controlled. A warning is that the 445e is using a different chain from the rancher edition when buying substitution chains. This chainsaw I would certainly suggest.


5. Husqvarna 440E 18 in. 40cc Gas Chainsaw

The gas chainsaw HUSQVARNA 440e is a high-quality instrument for smooth cutting. Its architecture incorporates the most advanced technologies, which makes it very exquisite and simple. Besides, the air filters are simple to release for fast cleaning. This seam is built above ordinary expectations.440e Rancher 18 in. 40cc Gas Chainsaw

Special Features of 440E

  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Quick starter, less effort needed.
  • Easy to refuel.
  • Professional chainsaw.
  • Durable, flexible, and easy maneuvering features.

Specification table

Cylinder 40.9 cc
Item weight 12.5 lbs
Model no. 440e
Power output 2.4 hp
Chain 18 inch
Color Orange
Noise 102 dB (audible)


  • Attractive design and ergonomic rear handle.
  • Less vibration and superb vibration control.
  • Worth of money.
  • Cost affordable.
  • 2y limited warranty.


  • Not good for wider trunks.


I would guarantee after analysis that this chain saw is genuinely a decent saw for mild to moderate work for pants or non-professionals. If you ask me about my truthful opinion about this chain saw, I can tell. Technical consumers are also well supported. This isn’t for major work, though. With this screw, you can do small or medium work, it works well.


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Ever Made Husqvarna Chainsaw Overview

Apart from other chainsaws of different brands, this Husqvarna stuff has some extraordinary features and perfection. First of all, most people concern about price, size, weight, and efficiency. We assure these Husqvarna products can meet all of your requirements. The overview of this manufacturer’s products are just as follows-

Lightweight but stiffer

Most Husqvarna chainsaws are lightweight with ergonomic designs. Usually, they all weigh between 10 ~ 18 lbs. The handle on the rear side of a chainsaw is perfect for daily workers or woodworkers/plumbers. Even lightweight, their structural aspects or stiffness exists entirely. A low-cost Husqvarna product can be usable after 3 or 4 years, experienced plumbers told us already. Generally, all chainsaws are made of pure aluminum or cast iron sheet. These alloy materials introduce a lightweight construction always.

Powerful motors

A significant part of any chainsaw is the motor. Brushless motors are speedy things and need less maintenance. So regarding maintenance issues, you can pick these Husqvarna chainsaws without hesitation. Motor power depends on input power and current ratings. The more current drawn by a motor provides more output power. For example, a 2.4 A motor can provide around 2+ hp output power. Likewise, a squirrel cage motor is stronger than brushless but a little bit noisy. These also have huge power output and torque. Moreover, Husqvarna chainsaws have x-torq criteria that result in enough vitality and potentials. As an electrical device, it has some power factor lackings but recent development reduces this limitation. All Husqvarna chainsaws operate with a 0.95 power factor where the nominal rating is 0.9.

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User Flexibility

It is impossible to handle a larger chain saw. It’s awkward too. And it’s a major drawback for a non-professional consumer. But don’t panic! Don’t worry about it! This model is solved by Husqvarna. Small, lightweight, the Husqvarna chain seam produces low vibration. You will then use the saw easily and drive it freely. This model is built for all types of consumers, from light to moderate activities. And as a non-professional program, because of its wonderful user-friendly functionality, you can comfortably run saw with ease. Every user considers this very user-friendly screen and when they work with this chainsaw.

Easy Maintenance

The air intake of a chainsaw is packed with flying debris when working, and the debris flows at operation. And it takes extra work to purify it and preserve decent chain saw output due to the debris. But a centrifugal air mechanism is accessible from the Husqvarna chainsaw. This feature collects a lot of flying waste until it is trapped in the air. As a consequence, the saw’s air intake is less polluted and easier to manage. It is however very quick to remove the scrap from the saw. To delete them, it just takes a snap. This saw needs some maintenance. And it’s very easy to do.

Safe n Sound

Safety first, in all; for power tools in particular. And it’s too critical for you in a chainsaw because you’re just poor about a simple mistake. The chain screw is also not exempt from protection. Husqvarna knows security, and they have made this sight very safe. This saw’s chain bar is specifically built for eliminating kickbacks. And thanks to this protection feature, you can use the screw without any unnecessary cases. This is ultimately an important feature that helps to make the user safer. And in the chainsaw, the functionality is very well deployed. You should not think about it, therefore.

Price or Cost

Price is an essential term for any purchaser or buyer. Everyone looks for an affordable price tool or stuff. Although you should be aware of inexpensive tools because low-price goods aren’t that durable or sustainable for longevity. However, all Husqvarna products have different ranges of price. You can find a low-cost one to the high-price chainsaw. And the quality is better than any other low-priced goods in the marketplace.


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How to Pick The Best Chainsaw for Your Needs (Buyer’s Guide)

Anything in the buyer’s guide directly or indirectly draw us towards the privileges and tips before any purchases. For an electrical or electronic device, this thing should be strictly followed by customers. Notwithstanding, lots of information on the internet shows us the pros and cons of any good stuff. Before buying any Husqvarna chainsaw, we suggest following these things-


‘Size matters’- this is an old saying and undoubtedly, the smartest one. Any big stuff is good for large projects. For a chainsaw, we prefer chain size and machine weight. Most Husqvarna chainsaws are lightweight so no worries about it. But you should set your mind about the chain. Some people bought 16-inch chainsaw where they needed 18-inch. Some did vice versa. So first of all, fix your mind and measure the workload. If a long-term project ongoing or large trunks to be uprooted, use bigger stuff. For household duties or interior responsibilities, we recommend buying a medium or small chainsaw like 440 or 445e.

Output Power

As we said earlier, output power depends on input power. Without repeating the same criteria, we suggest 2.4 ~ 2.8 hp chainsaws for regular workers. In the USA, every year plenty of trees are uprooted due to tornados or hurricanes. Lots of space are damaged with tree trunks, branches, log bars, and many more. To remove all those obstacles, you need a medium-sized chainsaw with at least 2.5 hp output power.

Cordless / Corded

Corded electrical chainsaws are perfect for hard tasks. But in a jungle or forest, you rarely find a power source. That’s why most chainsaws are gas-powered or battery operated. All cordless devices are less stronger than the corded ones but for a chainsaw, the manufacturers build ergonomically. Husqvarna chainsaws are mostly cordless and gas-powered. Before buying any, just make sure the fuel-level indicator available or not.


Husqvarna chainsaws come with an accessory bag or wallet. Each accessory bag consists of a spare chain, blades, Alleyn keys, screwdrivers, power chargers, and lubricating oil for quick maintenance. Other manufacturers also provide such types of essential gadgets however Husqvarna parts are well-built, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Replaceable or NOT

Replaceable or interchangeable- two different things. Replaceable means you can replace parts whenever you want. Say, the current chainsaw is faulty in some parts and you wanna replace those accordingly. Husqvarna has replaceable parts available on the marketplace and local stores. In the matter of interchangeable stuff, very few cordless chainsaws have this feature. You can interchange any part of 440 with 440e or 440 LS. But you cannot interchange any part of a 440 with the 445, although both have the same chain length.

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Advantages of a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna was founded as a musketeer in Sweden in the 1690s, the biggest and oldest power tool maker in the world. He has been named for the Swedish city in which he was born and since 1959 produces premium seams.

  • Easier to buy Husqvarna saws online.
  • Larger fuel tanks allow longer runtime.
  • X-TORQ technology increases the fuel efficiency of these saws with fewer exhaust emissions.
  • Professionals tend to favor Husqvarna saws.
  • Low Vib® vibration-resistant dampers absorb vibration and reduce the effects on the arms and hands to create a smoother and more relaxing experience.
  • Combined stroke/stop control enables the beginning of the chain saw and avoids motor flooding.
  • The centrifugal air cleaner of Air InjectionTM reduces wear and tear between filter cleaning operations.
  • TrioBrakeTM provides an innovative way to easily stop the chain, optimizing security, ergonomics, and technology.

Professional output requires no gas at all. The battery-powered chain saws of Husqvarna are very successful and have a solid battery pack of lithium-ion. These silent, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly chainsaws provide up to 10 hours between charges with a battery backpack. The strength and torque are high, while the operating cost of filling a gas tank would remain relatively low.

Besides, due to decreased vibration and tension on your shoulders, arms, and wrists, you can feel relaxed operating for longer stretches.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Husqvarna better than Stihl?

In most of these categories, Husqvarna seems to be at the top, but it should be noted that there are only two unique chain-saws here. There are bound to be some variations when you start comparing other saws from both vendors. However, there is hardly any obvious winner to pick here and it’s mostly personal. Also after finding the Husqvarna in several of the above categories I did not underestimate Stihl anyway.

What is the best Husqvarna chainsaw?

Based on numerous webinars and reviews, we figured out the three best choices for our carpenters. One of those has been described in this article. The three best chainsaws are- 14″ cordless 120i, 20″ 450 rancher, and 24″ 460 rancher. The last twos are best for gigantic works in forests or jungles. For general usage, we recommend buying 120i or 445e II.

What is the best chainsaw for the price?

For budget or low-cost stuff, Husqvarna has some products in the marketplace. However, warranty periods and product availability are uncertain because of the recent pandemic. All Husqvarna products have 2 years of limited warranty. For budget-friendly chainsaws, we suggest Husqvarna 135 and 436 Li. Both are well-structured and available in some stores.

What size chainsaw I need for woodcutting?

Usually, it is better using a 12″ ~ 18″ chainsaw for woodcutting. Larger than 18″ is difficult for beginners. Only professional workers or woodcutters can use larger stuff. If you’re a beginner woodworker, we suggest 16″ chainsaws for the first time usage. As soon as you earn some experience, you can switch to 18″ or 20″ chainsaws. For professionals, we recommend 20″ and 24″ chainsaws.

How can I choose a chainsaw size(s)?

Most of the fundamental rules are that the chainsaw is at least 2 inches longer than the thickness of the limb or tree. The guiding bar of the perfect chainsaw, for example, can require at least 10 inches if the branch has a thickness of 8 inches. For a thicker or bulkier trunk, it is better to cut from two opposite directions of the trunk.


Bottom Line

The best Husqvarna chain saw ever made comes with many of the amazing basic features of a regular X-Torq chain saw for top-level fuel usage and reduced exhaust pollution, centrifugal air cleaning that avoids unit destruction, outstanding vibrations management, and intelligence-free startup technology. The 450 Rancher provides a very powerful motor and a low weight that makes it ideal for technical and casual use in addition to all these characteristics. This product is also provided with a snap-lock cylinder cover which makes it much easier to replace the spark plug and clean it. In an inexpensive, quality Husqvarna chain saw, what more may you think about? How has this reference been for various users to the right Husqvarna chain saw? Have we overlooked a product you think the top five selection was deserved? In the comments, talk to us about it!

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