The Best Lightweight Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower in 2021

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When the season begins and the trees begin to drop their leaves into the home garden or the ground, it is time to plant. It becomes necessary to tidy up the yard at that point.
In addition to using a blower for leaf cleanup, you may utilize it for other purposes around the house. You use the blower to transport a large quantity of leaves to one side of your yard where you can use the mulcher shredder to shred the leaves into mulch. Leaf blowers make it simple to maintain your yard and lawn. There is no better method to gather the fallen leaves from the ground after a severe storm that has caused the leaves to fall on the lawn than to utilize a leaf blower.

Now, technology is improving on a daily basis and making job easier all around the world. There are many different kinds of blowers that may be used to clear leaves from the floor while remaining lightweight. Leaf blowers are available in a variety of configurations, and many of them include changeable settings that allow them to be tailored to each individual’s specific set of requirements. lightweight Cordless leaf blowers are an excellent tool for use on the lawn, in the yard, or in the garden (school,college, or university). It just needs a fully charged battery to get it started; nothing more is required.

This gadget completes its tasks without making any noise or incurring any maintenance expenses. The blower’s one distinguishing feature is that it has significant power. Even with the assistance of a lightweight tool, even a weak individual can perform the duties required by this item. Gas blowers are more powerful than battery-powered blowers, although they may be more expensive depending on the season. You will get a one-time payment that will assist you in handling low-mentiance leaf blowers. Among the numerous advantages and functions of cordless leaf blowers that make it a great tool for users are its light weight, brushless motor, low noise level, and a host of other characteristics.The following list will assist you in selecting the most appropriate blower for this season and cleaning the land as thoroughly as you want.

Things To Consider When Buying A Lightweight Leaf Blower

1. The Types Of Cordless Leaf Blowers

There are two types of battery-powered leaf blowers:

Handheld Battery Leaf Blowers

On a single charge, this kind of lightweight leaf blower may operate for a maximum of 20 minutes. You’ll need to recharge the battery before you can do any further cleaning. This is the most effective method of cleaning or clearing a small garden.

Backpack Cordless Leaf Blowers

This is the most suitable choice for those who have a large number of trees in their yard. The large batteries that come with this backless lightweight leaf blower are a nice bonus. Because of this, it can operate for about 60 minutes on a single charge. It is, however, more expensive than portable versions. Its batteries are multifunctional and may be used in a variety of different garden equipment from the same manufacturer, including lawnmowers and chainsaws.

2. Battery Type

Leaf blowers that are cordless and lightweight operate on rechargeable batteries. The batteries that leaf blowers make use of should be taken into account. The three most often used batteries are as follows:

– Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Because of its high density and minimal self-discharge, this is regarded to be the most efficient battery available. It is a small, lightweight battery with a lot of power that needs little maintenance. Aside from that, it comes highly recommended due to its big capacity and fast recharge time. However, because of their great energy density, they are costly and may explode when exposed to high temperatures.

– Nickel Cadmium (Nicad)

This is the most ancient kind of battery, yet it still performs well even in low-temperature environments. It has a fast recharge time and is not prohibitively costly. It does, however, contain hazardous compounds and has a poor energy density.

– Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

This operates nearly exactly the same as NiCad, but its performance is much better. Additionally, it is ecologically friendly, although it works extremely badly in cold temperatures.

3. Motor Power / Voltage

It is necessary to take into consideration the voltage since a cordless lightweight leaf blower with a high battery voltage provides the greatest performance.

4. Noise

This is a significant source of worry for many individuals, especially given the fact that certain neighborhoods have stringent noise regulations. Before you buy a blower, be sure it is not too loud to use. Some blowers, on the other hand, have a variable speed setting that allows you to modify the airflow of the blower in order to move the debris and, in turn, regulate the noise level.

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5.  Battery Life

You will be able to use the cordless leaf blower for an extended period of time thanks to the long battery life. As a result, one must determine the battery life by comparing the values in minutes or Ah. With a lengthy battery runtime, you’ll need to recharge less often. Additionally, it is critical to verify the battery charge time since a shorter charge time enables you to resume working more quickly.

6. Price

The cost of lightweight leaf blowers is often determined by variables such as brand, construction, battery capacity, and, most importantly, quality. If you just need a leaf blower for occasional cleaning, you should buy a budget-friendly model rather of an expensive one. However, if it is for a wide area, a blower with a large battery capacity and high quality is recommended.

7.  Air Flow & Speed

A leaf blower is a machine that utilizes air to blow away leaves from your yard. In terms of blowing away leaves, dust, and other debris efficiently and at a quicker pace, a leaf blower with a high velocity will outperform its counterparts. It is essential to measure the speed and rate of airflow in order to have an idea of how well it will work while cleaning the garden.
The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow produced by a lightweight leaf blower is measured (CFM). The higher the CFM rating of a blower, the greater the amount of leaves it will easily blow away, and vice versa. To get the greatest results, choose a blower with a larger CFM rating in order to achieve more performance.

  • Under 200 CFMs — To begin with, any blowers rated in this category are not very strong. They are the most effective for cleaning roads, workshops, patios, and gutters, among other things. They are not readily able to push your leaves all over your garden, or even clean your shrubs, as you would expect.
  • This category includes lightweight leaf blowers with a capacity of 200 to 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM). They work well for cleaning small gardens, walkways, and patios; however, they are not recommended for clearing large yards.
  • Larger yards will benefit from blowers with 400 to 450 cubic feet per minute (CFM). They have a lot of strength, and they may be a little too strong for regular sidewalks.

8.  Speed Settings

Only a few types of cordless lightweight leaf blowers are manufactured with a single speed setting, since this setting is only effective for blowing leaves in small yards. One with variable speeds is preferred since it allows the user to change the speeds as needed to complete any difficult job. The airspeed may be adjusted with the assistance of this multiple speed setting.

Additional Features To Consider When Purchasing A Lightweight Cordless Blower


A longer warranty term guarantees that the customer may use the product for a longer length of time without experiencing any problems. They are covered by a variety of warranties, which vary from model to model. Some products come with a one-year guarantee, while others come with two, three, five, or even seven years.

Extra Handgrip

This is more convenient for models that are held in one’s hand. The addition of a handgrip improves weight distribution and allows for more precise control.

Nozzle Design

Most lightweight cordless blowers are equipped with either a round or flattened nozzle, or a combination of round and flattened nozzles. Narrow nozzles are also available. The flat tip sweeps loose leaves off the lawn, while the circular tip loosens any leaves that have been lodged in the grass.. Instead of using a big funnel, the narrow nozzle offers you more control over the leaves because of its strong small nozzle.

Ergonomic Design

Most cordless lightweight blowers need you to hold down a trigger in order for them to function, so be sure your cordless lightweight blower is within range before using it. A soft grip and good overall balance may help you operate more efficiently and effectively while reducing tiredness.

Convenient Shutoff Switch

The purpose of this safety switch is to swiftly and conveniently shut off the electric motor engine in the event of a danger. This aids in the prevention of issues associated with unintentional or unexpected activation of the blower in lightweight leaf blowers.

Why Should You Use A Battery-Powered Cordless Leaf Blower?

Easy To Maintain

These battery-powered cordless lightweight leaf blowers need just occasional cleaning due to their lightweight design.

No Cords

Considering that most of the tools have short cords, it is necessary to use an extension chord, which is not very safe, to pull them out into the yard.

No Gas

No one likes to breathe in gas smells. They have an unpleasant odor and are often a health danger.
Designed to be environmentally friendly
Because no gas is being used, there will be no hazardous fumes released into the environment.

Best Lightweight Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower

Greenworks Cordless Jet Leaf Blower

This Greenwork 40V Cordless Jet Leaf model is one of the finest budget blowers for battery-powered blowers, mostly due to the accessories that are included with the unit. The blower is equipped with an extension tube, which increases its efficiency and reach.
It has a variable speed option and behaves more like a turbo button in terms of functionality. It is simple to use and has the benefit of producing less noise than other options. With a fully charged battery, this cordless lightweight leaf blower has a runtime of 14 minutes, allowing you to complete your tasks fast. A full charge of the battery takes about one hour to complete.
It is said in the leaf blower reviews that they are well-balanced, which is essential for carrying it in a comfortable and ergonomic manner. Furthermore, it makes use of a thumb dial trigger, which alleviates strain on your hands. Compared to many other cordless leaf blowers, this type of lightweight leaf blower is more energy efficient and performs better than the competition.
Furthermore, it has unique features such as cruise control, variable speed trigger, and a comfort over-mold grip, which helps to minimize tiredness when driving. Finally, it is backed by a two-year battery guarantee and a four-year tool warranty, respectively.

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Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower

This is the most powerful gas-powered cordless leaf blower available on the market today. It is a portable, lightweight leaf blower that is both comfortable to use and one of the most powerful on the market. When it comes to commercial applications and big yards, this blower is most often suggested due to its 8.6lb weight and size (3.9kgs).
The Hitachi RB24EAP achieves a great balance between its ability to be used in small areas and its ability to provide the performance required in big spaces. Furthermore, it is ideal for large-scale debris clearance, such as shards of stray glass or large-scale tasks such as the cleanup of fallen autumn leaves. It is possible to get air velocity of up to 170 miles per hour when using a taper nozzle.
Also included are one-of-a-kind features such as Simple and Quick start, a Pure Fire II low pollution engine, and an expanded big two-finger throttle lever for simpler control. The product is covered by a seven-year warranty. However, several consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with Hitachi’s customer service, claiming that it is neither helpful nor efficient.

DEWALT Brushless Blower

This is the finest and most powerful cordless leaf blower available for small to medium-sized yards when you need to clear leaves from a variety of different locations at the same time. The lightweight leaf blower type, on the other hand, is a fantastic option for cleaning your yard, workshop, or sidewalk.
The greatest battery, according to leaf blower evaluations, is found in this model, which is suitable for both heavy-duty tasks and everyday usage. The battery has a duration of about 40 minutes based on the parameters that have been selected. With a unique axial fan design, this device is able to optimize air production while also extending its operation.
A battery indicator, a trigger for adjusting power consumption, a speed locking function, and a charger are all included as extras in the package. For the price, this is a fantastic and very versatile leaf blower with a lot of features.
Another feature that distinguishes this Dewalt DCBL720P1 model is the battery location, which is below the handle, which aids in maintaining some level of balance. The handle of this leaf blower, on the other hand, is devoid of cushioning, making it unpleasant to grip. Though it is small in stature, this lightweight leaf blower is very portable, and it comes with an excellent guarantee.

WORX WG584 Cordless Leaf Blower

A brushless motor powers the WORX WG584 Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower with 40V Power Share Turbine technology.
Check out this blower, the WORX WG584 40V Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower, if you are searching for blowers that are simple to operate, lightweight, and user friendly.
This tool comes with two 20V lithium-ion batteries as well as a charger, which provide a long operating duration for the tool. It has three different speed settings, as well as the ability to give it a turbo boost to blow away leaves off the route.
Using the gear on this tool, you may change the spin speed from a minimum of 14,300 RPM to a maximum of 21,900 RPM. By adjusting the settings of the machine, you can complete its tasks more rapidly.
Which blasts out 300-470 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), providing you with a zero-to-high-speed burst of air to clear your property swiftly and efficiently.
Because of the use of two 20-volt batteries that when combined provide 40-volts, the performance and backup are much improved..
This is the big leaf blower that has to deal with more difficult tasks, such as lawn or garden. Its brushless motor is more efficient and operates at a faster speed while using less power than the motor with a brush design. It also has a smaller battery.
The power supply was upgraded to be more dependable, dynamic, and effective, and it performed better than it did before it was upgraded.

Makita XBU02PT1 18V

A brushless motor powers the WORX WG584 Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower with 40V Power Share Turbine technology.
This is a blower from the Makita brand, and it is in charge of clearing up the field. It is supplied with four batteries that will constantly assist you in completing your task.
On a single charge of the battery, the efficient brushless provides excellent backup, providing up to 28 minutes of run time on its setting NO.3 if you start with the default setting.
When compared to other kinds of comparable non-brushless tools, this Makita low weight BL (brushless) motor is electronically regulated, which helps to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer operating time per battery charge.
Because it does not have carbon brushes, this Makita brushless motor operates quicker, cooler, and more efficiently, resulting in a longer service life.
This tool was entirely controlled electronically, and it was able to significantly increase its speed when it was required.

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KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower

This tool has many characteristics, including a maximum RPM of 20,000, which provides an incredible boost to the machine and allows for faster progress while cleaning maps.
The shape of this tool is very comfortable and small, allowing for excellent gripping while doing tasks. This leaf blower is well-balanced and does not weigh too much.
It is unavoidable that the reason for the majority of people choosing it was because of its low weight (2.2 lbs (with battery)).
Its motor has been upgraded with modern technology and is a fully all-in-one copper motor. Its turbo fan has a maximum speed of 150 MPH and can be used for either vacuuming or blowing.
Kimo cordless leaf blowers are well-made, and you will easily be able to stay within your budget without experiencing any difficulties.
Because of its lightweight design, it makes it easier for anyone to accomplish their tasks, even youngsters, who may clear their yards of leaves and snow with this cordless lightweight kimo blower.
This is capable of doing a wide range of tasks with ease, and many people are pleased with its performance, which is why they choose to utilize it for their needs.

Cordless Leaf Blower Sweeper / Vacuum

This is a cheap cordless leaf blower that comes with a 20 volt 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, which makes it an incredible aid when it comes to the task of blowing leaves off your lovely property.
KIMO manufactures this product, which offers customers the same features and functionalities as the previous product.
This tool is both cordless and portable, which makes your work more easier as a result of its portability. Because of its cordless nature, it may be utilized almost anywhere.
This tool is ideal for use in the garage, courtyard, inside the vehicle to clean the seats and engine compartment, and wherever else.

EGO Power Cordless Leaf Blower

This blower is the heaviest kind of blower available, and it has the advantage of being cordless and capable of producing a large volume of air fast.
Overall, if you use this tool at its lowest setting, it has a fantastic run time of up to 90 minutes; but, if you want to cover all of your work in a short period of time, the turbo mode provides the user with more than 15 minutes of run time to use it and finish the task in that time.


What are the benefits of a cordless leaf blower vs. a corded model? 

The most significant advantage of using a cordless leaf blower is that you will not be tied to an extension wire while using it. When using a corded leaf blower, you’ll have to be concerned with locating an electrical outlet, obtaining an extension cable, and maneuvering around obstructions with the power cord while using the machine. With a cordless leaf blower, you can get started more faster and have more mobility than you could ever imagine. Many cordless leaf blowers are also very lightweight, which makes them simpler to maneuver about the house.

How long should a cordless leaf blower last? 

A typical battery-powered leaf blower may run for 20 to 30 minutes on a single charge, depending on the model. While there are many factors that influence how long a cordless leaf blower will survive, the following are the most important. Models that run on gas will naturally last longer than those that run on batteries, and they can be refueled almost instantly. Your blower’s runtime will be affected by the kind of battery you choose as well as the pace at which it operates. (Using a leaf blower on its maximum level, for example, can deplete the battery’s power very fast).

How often do you have to charge a cordless leaf blower? 

If you have a cordless leaf blower that is powered by batteries, you will usually need to recharge it after each usage. The runtime of most models is quite short; thus, it’s better to start out with a full charge every time; otherwise, you run the danger of running out of battery power before you’ve finished cleaning your yard.

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