Ingersoll Rand 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench Review

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For those of you who have an insatiable need for high torque impact wrenches and who get a thrill from the prospect of reading a series of impact wrench evaluations, be ready to lose your marbles. As part of our Best Cordless Impact Wrench Shootout, we recently got the chance to put nine of the industry’s most powerful high torque impact wrenches through their paces. In addition, we will be taking a deeper look at each of the impact wrenches that we evaluated in the coming weeks. If you believe that impact wrenches haven’t received enough attention on this site, we’re going to reverse that trend by inundating you with weeks’ worth of those delicious, delicious impact wrench reviews. Who’s the first one out of the starting gate? The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K22 Cordless High Torque Impact Wrench is a high torque impact wrench with a cordless design.

I’m going to go ahead and give away the ending of this piece at the risk of ruining any sense of suspense that may have existed. After finishing in a very solid second position, the Ingersoll Rand W7150 can be concluded with confidence, which leads to the very clear conclusion that Ingersoll Rand got a lot of things right with this model. The fact that this impact wrench has been in service for more than 5 years makes its finish all the more remarkable; the W7150-K22 has shown to be a reliable performer over the years. Of course, finishing in second place implies that there are still some things that can be done better moving forward. Consider the following: what the Ingersoll Rand W1750-K22 accomplishes well, as well as where this wrench falls short in some areas.

Ingersoll Rand 1/2-Inch High-Torque Cordless Impact Wrench – W7150-K22

The Ingersoll Rand 1/2′′ High-Torque Impact Wrench Kit is one of the finest impact wrenches for automotive applications available today. This evaluation should give you with all of the information you need to determine whether or not making an investment in this brand is a good use of your time.

So, what is it about the Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench Kit that you like?

The Ingersoll Rand cordless impact wrench is one of the few battery-operated impact wrenches that can compete with its air-powered rivals on a level with the best of them. It is a high-torque tool that can produce up to 1,100 foot pounds of torque at a single time. Because of its tough, blow-molded structure, mechanics may wreak havoc on it without fear of it snapping or breaking.

The W7150-K2 is built to last, much like your aluminum or steel air driven tools. It can resist just about everything you can throw at it. It comes with a half-inch driver, weighs about 6.8 pounds, and gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere you choose without being restricted by hoses or compressed air pressure.

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K22 Impact Wrench Features

  • With 1100 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque from a tool that weighs just 6.8 pounds, it has the greatest power-to-weight ratio in its class.
  • Durability – A high-efficiency rare earth magnet motor, a high-capacity variable speed trigger, an all-metal drivetrain, and a metal-reinforced housing allow this tool to withstand the most demanding tasks in the most demanding environments..
  • The ergonomic handle and the soft touch over-molded grip, coupled with the optimized balance, result in improved comfort during prolonged usage.
  • The long-life 20V lithium-ion battery has a large charge capacity and a low internal impedance, allowing it to provide maximum power and runtime while maintaining long battery life.
  • Power-level and current regulation from the battery to the switch to the motor are provided by an intelligent battery management system (BMS) to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Other Features

  • Impact mechanism with 1500 ft-lb of nut-busting torque and 1000 ft-lb of maximum torque.
  • Strong and long-lasting The motor and hammer mechanism are made entirely of metal and have been tuned for optimum power and efficiency.
  • The variable-speed switch (only half and full power) combined with an electronic brake gives you the most control over your tool while also increasing safety—when you remove the trigger, the drive stops spinning.
  • On the shadowless 360o LED light ring, there are four dimmable settings.
  • Protection against hostile fluids, chemicals, and repetitive drops is provided by a tough composite housing and an unique steel-reinforced frame.
  • Cradle bolts, tire changing, fleet vehicle maintenance, and industrial and MRO environments are all examples of applications where this tool is ideal.
  • It is just 7.6 pounds in weight (with BL2022 battery)
  • Warranty period of three years
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  • With a cordless impact wrench that weighs just 6.8 lbs, you can generate maximum forward/reverse torque of 780 ft-lbs and nut-busting torque of 1100 ft-lbs.
  • Rare earth magnet (neodymium) motor with a long life span and high output power is an excellent choice.
  • Hammer case made of steel-lined aluminum and intended to be robust and light in order to provide the best possible protection for its internal components.
  • The motor train and hammer mechanism are made entirely of metal, making them strong, durable, and designed for optimum power and efficiency.
  • Variable speed switch with electronic brake — allows for the greatest amount of control over the tool.
  • Metal strengthened enclosure with a patent pending design that is ready to function even after repeated drops
  • Patent-pending soft touch over-molded grip — minimizes vibration, reduces fatigue, and enhances user comfort during extended use
  • Best-in-class short length — 9.4″ from tip to tail

The Pros


Even though the Skidmore Wilhelm technique is widely used by manufacturers and testers for verifying torque values, we were looking for a more effective means to show raw power. Consequently, we developed an impact wrench leveling rig, and we subsequently tested our findings using our Proto 6232 torque multiplier in conjunction with a digital torque wrench to confirm our findings.

In other words, the IR W7150, our second-place finisher in this category, completed 94 percent of the work that our first-place finisher, the Milwaukee 2767, was able to do. It was closely followed by the DeWalt model, which completed 92 percent of the work required by our winner.


Working with these heavy tools for extended periods of time may be a tiresome and difficult endeavor, which is why we enjoy it when manufacturers place a strong focus on producing lighter equipment. The Ingersoll Rand W1750-K22 weighed 6.88 lbs with the 5.0 Ah battery connected, making it a rather light machine. Despite the fact that the margins in this area weren’t outrageous, this was the lightest pistol we examined.

Aside from that, we were impressed with how well this impact wrench suited in our hands. This category is certainly lacking in quantifiability, thus your results may differ from those of others. However, our panel of professionals unanimously concluded that this pistol was only beaten out by the Bosch HTH181 in terms of comfort and ease of use. The handle was well contoured, and the rubber overmold was soft and pleasant to hold. We also found that the seam in the handle didn’t bother our sensitive fingers (although, obviously, this shouldn’t be a problem with gloves on).

The raking head was also a plus in our book. Not all of the firearms we examined had this missed characteristic, which leads us to think that a large number of people are unconcerned with the design of this firearm in general. Nevertheless, while the IR W7150 is in operation, the battery is pushed farther away from the work area, allowing us to have greater clearance.

The Negatives

Given the fact that a cordless tool has been on the market for more than 5 years, it is reasonable to expect it to perform less well when compared to newer versions. The scenario with the IR W7150 isn’t that terrible when everything is taken into consideration. However, from a purely objective standpoint, given the state of technology at the present, this rifle might need an upgrade. For starters, the W7150 doesn’t have a very robust feature set. There is no integrated work light, which is something that virtually all cordless tools these days appear to include as standard equipment.

The motor of the Ingersoll Rand W7150-K22 is one of the most significant upgrades that could be made to the machine in question. The brushed motor on this somewhat old pistol is in contrast to the brushless motor used in the majority of tools manufactured in the past few of years. This is certainly not the most significant issue in the world, but you may have to come to terms with the fact that you may need to replace your brushes from time to time.

Another point to consider is the cost. The cost of this impact wrench is on the higher end of the pricing range for this kind of tool. Despite the fact that it is five years old and has a brushed motor, it still manages to cost anywhere between $50 and $150 more than newer models? While Ingersoll Rand has created an excellent tool that compares well to those newer versions, this great tool is still a bit out of reach for many consumers.

What is a cordless impact wrench and how does it work?

An impact wrench is a battery-powered instrument that may be used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts in the same way as a manual socket wrench does, but since it has a power source that is larger than your arm, it can produce much more torque (it also needs special sockets given the amount of torque at play). Loosening and tightening lug nuts, which is necessary while changing tires, are the most frequent automotive uses for impact wrenches.

In the past, pneumatic air impact wrench versions were the industry standard; but, since they need a connection to an air compressor, they were out of reach for many DIYers. In the words of John Linden, principal designer of MirrorCoop, “cordless tools have less weight than air tools, which makes them more portable for usage above or in small places.” Linden offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both building and design. They are deemed “good” since they do not need any additional equipment (such as a compressor) to function properly.

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As Joshua Tarini notes, “Cordless impact wrenches have made significant advancements in the last decade, both in terms of improving performance and reducing size.” Tarini works at Stanley Black & Decker as a global product manager for impact wrenches and specialized fastening products. “The advantages of cordless/electric alternatives include the elimination of hoses, the elimination of reliance on an air source, and, in general, less maintenance than when using an air tool.” Many professional car technicians have made the transition from using pneumatic tools as their main tool platform to using cordless tools instead.

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The stubby Milwaukee 2555-22 can go into small spaces and is strong enough to handle a wide range of tasks thanks to its 250 pound-feet of breakaway torque.

Cordless battery-electric versions are becoming more popular, particularly for home usage, in recent years. They just need a little amount of charging before they are ready to use. While corded electric impact wrenches are also available, cordless electric impact wrenches are more popular due to their mobility and ease of use. In exchange, they usually have less power than the other two kinds of impact wrenches (but still a sufficient amount for most home garage applications).

Battery impact wrenches, like ordinary socket wrenches, produce the twisting force known as torque, but in larger quantities. However, the operator must maintain control of the impact wrench as the end of the instrument, which grips the nut, bolt, or screw that needs to be loosened, rotates in brief, rapid bursts of motion. They, like other cordless instruments, are powered by internal batteries that may be recharged; nevertheless, all batteries ultimately suffer permanent depletion, which is why they are not recommended for long-term use.

Finally, it is essential to remember that battery impact wrenches and impact drivers are two distinct types of instruments, and the words should not be used interchangeably when referring to them. In contrast to an impact wrench, an impact driver is used for screw and bolt driving, and it has power bursts that are equivalent to those of a power drill or screwdriver (just with more torque).


  1. Not all impacts are the same. To ensure you get the best for your situation, you’ll want to consider the following: 

Performance Specs

Two of your main concerns are the torque and operating speeds of the machine. Although you do not necessarily need the best of either, the tools you use should be capable of releasing fasteners from whatever application they are being used on, regardless of how difficult the task may be. Furthermore, although price often rises in tandem with tool performance, you should be aware that a more powerful tool will, in the end, do the task more swiftly.   

Weight and Size

The weight and size of an instrument are always significant considerations. The greater the weight of an instrument, the more demanding it is on the user’s body. In other words, it has the potential to induce significant tiredness over an extended period of time. Additionally, the tool’s size is essential since it defines which areas it may be utilized in and has an effect on its balance, both of which have an impact on the user experience.

Variable Speed Control

Ability to regulate operating speeds may not seem to be a major issue at first glance, but it eventually contributes to making the impact safe to use on different projects. For example, an impact wrench may not need the entire amount of force to break screws loose. Additionally, when you progressively apply power rather of coming in with full force, the likelihood of breaking anything is much reduced. 

Five things to know before using a cordless impact wrench

  • How do you intend to make use of your battery-operated impact wrench? If you are aware of the specific applications for which you will be using your wrench, you will have a simpler time answering the following questions and selecting the wrench that is most appropriate for your needs and requirements.
  • What kind of socket size do you require? The socket size you need will be dictated by the apps you use. However, although 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch are both popular sizes — and both are effective for removing lug nuts — you’ll want to make sure you get the correct size to ensure a successful removal.
  • What kind of torque do you require? Although torque varies depending on the size of the wrench, you still want to be sure that your wrench has enough torque to do the tasks you need it to complete. The torque produced by a typical 1/2-inch wrench is 300 pound-feet.
  • Which kind of socket-securing technique is most appropriate for you? How often are you planning on replacing the sockets? If you’re going to be replacing them often, a friction ring may be preferable; however, if you’re going to be leaving one on, a ball or pin detent may be preferable.
  • What is the safest way to use your impact wrench? The same as with any other tool, it’s critical to ensure that you follow all of the manufacturer’s directions. That is the most effective method of avoiding harm or property damage.


  1. Impact wrenches come in all shapes and sizes. Still, they can be broken down into three types.


We didn’t give pneumatic impact wrenches nearly as much attention as we did cordless impact wrenches throughout this debate. That is not to say that cordless instruments are better in every aspect, as some believe. Whatever the quality of today’s cordless equipment, pneumatics will always be the preferred option in professional situations. The internal mechanisms will withstand hours of abuse each day without even a flicker of a response. Furthermore, there are no motors, internal electronics, or batteries to add to the system’s overall weight and make it more difficult to maneuver. In other words, there is little to no tiredness. Even though electric impacts have gone a long way, pneumatic impacts continue to provide much greater power on average.

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It is also possible that the shop where experts operate already has an air compressor, which would make pneumatic impacts an attractive option. As a result, employees will not be required to invest in extra components for operation. Pneumatics are much more cheap in this scenario than cordless versions since cordless devices need you to invest in batteries, independent of your work environment.


For do-it-yourselfers, cordless impacts make the most sense. Cutting links with electrical outlets and air compressors, it goes without saying, makes them easier to adore. There’s no need to give up valuable floor space, and you won’t have to worry about cables and hoses restricting your range of motion. When traveling to distant areas, cordless impacts are a great option to have on hand. You can even carry one in your roadside emergency kit if you need to.

What makes the bargain more better is the fact that cordless impacts have gone a long way since their introduction. Some devices nowadays may provide performance that is comparable to that of pneumatic versions. Of course, you might argue that investing in batteries has a negative impact on the total worth of the company. In most cases, however, batteries may be used with other instruments in the same line, making the original purchase just the first step in assembling a surprisingly large and impressive power tool collection.


Despite the fact that we do not have any corded electric impacts in our list, there are several available. You may want to think about this kind of effect since corded models may be the greatest choice for anybody operating with a limited financial budget. There is no need for an air compressor, nor is there a requirement for battery power. You just connect the device into an electrical outlet and you’re ready to go.

It’s important to remember that corded hits don’t get a lot of attention from manufacturers. In order to compensate for this, power and performance levels are typically lower than those offered by cordless and pneumatic equipment. They are also often large and cumbersome, which creates tiredness and prevents them from being used in confined places, among other things. Despite this, they have more than enough power to do various tasks, which may be all that is required in certain cases.

Tips and Tricks We’ve Learned Along the Way

Go Cordless. 

Pneumatic tools will always have a role in the world. The power and simplicity that contemporary cordless impacts provide is unrivaled when it comes to do-it-yourself tasks, on the other hand.

Invest In a Line.

If you decide to go cordless, don’t let the negative consequences of your decision overwhelm you entirely. As an alternative, have a look at the tool line that the impact wrench is a part of. Consider which area of employment has the most to offer in terms of opportunities for the kind of job you perform. Creating a battery collection centered on a single kind of battery can eventually save you money.

Get Good Sockets. 

We are not talking about the torque outputs from yesterday. These days, power tools are very capable pieces of equipment. Never make the mistake of running that power via anything other than a good pair of impact sockets.

Don’t Forget About Drivers. 

While raw power is impressive, flexibility is nearly always preferable. As a result, it is important to have both an impact wrench and an impact driver in your toolbox.

Impacts Aren’t Always a Good Choice. 

We like power tools just as much as anybody else, but they should not be relied upon for everything. That extra power has the potential to completely demolish whatever it is you are working on, which is why you should continue to use your hand tools.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a cordless impact wrench, or if you’re interested in giving one a try for the first time, the Ingersoll Rand W1750-K20 is an excellent choice to begin your search. It is fairly priced and has a number of high-quality features that make it an excellent choice for a mechanic’s needs.

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