Best Tools for Cutting Drywall

DEWALT 20V MAX Drywall Cutting Tool, Cut-Out, Tool Only (DCS551B)
DEWALT 20V MAX Drywall Cutting Tool, Cut-Out, Tool Only (DCS551B)
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Drywall Cutting Tool, Foldable Drywall Cutter- Easy Ripper Drywall Cutting Tool | Drywall Cutout Tool, Drywall Cutter Tool with 10pcs Spare Blade.
Drywall Cutting Tool, Foldable Drywall Cutter- Easy Ripper Drywall Cutting Tool | Drywall Cutout...
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IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall/Jab Saw (2014100)
IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall/Jab Saw (2014100)
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Rokrou 2 Pack Drywall Tools Oscillating Tool 3-in-1 Oscillating Saw Blades Drywall Saw
Rokrou 2 Pack Drywall Tools Oscillating Tool 3-in-1 Oscillating Saw Blades Drywall Saw
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Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 24-Inch RockRipper - Drywall Scoring Square
Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 24-Inch RockRipper - Drywall Scoring Square
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Drywall Axe All-in-one Hand Tool with Measuring Tape and Utility Knife – Measure, Mark and Cut Drywall, Shingles, Insulation, Tile, Carpet, Foam – Measure and Mark Wood for Rip Cuts
Drywall Axe All-in-one Hand Tool with Measuring Tape and Utility Knife – Measure, Mark and Cut...
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Imperial Blades IBOA800-1 One Fit 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade, 1PC
Imperial Blades IBOA800-1 One Fit 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade, 1PC
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DEWALT 20V MAX Drywall Cut-Out Tool Kit (DCS551D2)
DEWALT 20V MAX Drywall Cut-Out Tool Kit (DCS551D2)
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Dremel 560 Drywall Cutting Bit , Gray
Dremel 560 Drywall Cutting Bit , Gray
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Every DIYers and construction workers are familiar with the tools for cutting drywall because these smart walls are used diversely nowadays, in offices or at home. Apart from conventional plaster walls, drywall is easy to set up as you require. Moreover, the tools used to cut drywall are flexible, easier, and user-friendly. Regular plaster or concrete works take a long time to accomplish but drywalls don’t need enough time and the cutting tools are reliable, affordable as well. In this article, we’ll show you the 15 best tools for cutting drywall, a buyer’s guide, basics of drywall cutting, and safety manuals. Let’s start with the introduction to drywalls.Best Tools for Cutting Drywall & Oscillating Tool

What is the Best Tool for Cutting Drywall

As we mentioned earlier, drywall is a sheet of gypsum-fiberglass combination with integrated paper pulps. So these are easy to cut, reshape, or decorate. Special cutting saws are used widely to cut the drywall. Recent DIY tools builders and manufacturers produce innovative, creative, and classy tools to remove our stresses. If you love DIY, you must purchase these tools to save time, money, and obsession.DEWALT 20V MAX XR Tool for Cutting Drywall

Typically, because of its longevity, lightweight, consistency, and reliability we prefer Dewalt, Milwaukee cutting saws for drywall. Some people have suggested using cutting knives or forks, but these tiny devices are not that appropriate for a huge house.


Top 15 Best Drywall Cutting Tools Review in 2021

In the marketplace or local hardware store, diverse tools are available for cutting drywall in a minute or short-time. Some tools are reliable, great user value with customer satisfaction, ergonomic, stiffer enough with immense rigidity. Besides, some tools seem to be excellent but worthless in the end. Due to this confusion, we picked the top 15 products from top-sellers and the Amazon marketplace. We hope you could select one and do everything yourself.



Product Name

Our Rating



Best DEWALT Rotary Saw For Cutting Drywall

DEWALT Rotary Saw For Cutting Drywall


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw For Drywall


Fastback II Flip Utility Knife

Fastback II Flip Utility Knife For Cutting Drywall


Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL Hackzall

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hackzall For Cutting Drywall


Makita XDS01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Saw, Tool Only

Makita Cordless Cut-Out Saw


1. Best DEWALT Rotary Saw Tool For Cutting Drywall

For every DIYers and renovation workers, we cannot forget Dewalt tools. They’re the topmost brand recently in all hardware and DIY sectors. This Dealt rotary saw for cutting drywall has great craftsmanship in design. Sharp-edged bit and accurate spiral construction made this tool smarter and adorable one. Moreover, the casing that holds the saw is awesome and has versatile usage.Best DEWALT Rotary Saw For Cutting Drywall

Special Criteria of DW660

  • Sharp cutting bits with ¼// and ⅛// collets
  • User-friendly on/off switch (faster)
  • Strong motor rotation and mechanism for smooth cuts
  • Lightweight design for long-term usage
  • Dust protected switches

Technical Details/Specifications

Model DW660
Item weight 3.5 lbs
Dimension 11.5 x 5.62 x 3.5 inches
Color Yellow
Voltage 120 V, ac, corded electric
Output power 1620 watts
Current rating 5 amps
Components Drywall bit, ⅛// + 1/4// collets, general bits


  • Plenty of power output
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Cuts like butter
  • Comes with free bits and a nice box
  • 1y warranty period, 1y free service, 30 days no-risk trial


  • Sensitive chuck set
  • Quite big

Why should Buy Dewalt?

For physical and environmental safety, you can pick this DW660 unquestionably. The rotation speed of motors is high and on no load, it reaches 30000 rpm ever. A highly sophisticated and elegant tool for our regular DIYers, construction workers, plumbers & electricians, masonry, and metal workers. Furthermore, the price is reasonable to purchase anytime.


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2. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Tool

Even with the battery, the tool is very lightweight. The battery at the top of the instrument makes it very well balanced. It has loads of electricity and has been shown to sustain battery durability by using a 5.0 battery. Not to mention that not being attached to a cord speeds up every assignment on which it is used.Makita XOC01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Tool for cutting drywall

Special Attributes

  • High-torque motor with 30k rpm
  • Super lightweight
  • Cordless and rechargeable battery-included
  • Adjustable depth cuts
  • Rigid bits for robust usage
  • Simple push-button on/off switch
  • Reduced vibration and smooth cutting
  • Latch-lock system for bit stability

Technical Details/ Specifications

Model XOC01Z
Item weight 2.95 lbs
Dimension 3.78 x 4 x 4.65 inches
Color Teal
Voltage 18 V, dc, cordless
Battery 1 x Lithium-ion
Components 1 x ⅛// collet

2 x ⅛// drywall cut-out bits

Collet nut

Spanner wrench


  • Quality material
  • Best for drywalls
  • Stiffer and rigorous bits
  • Less noise, audible
  • Speedy motor rotation


  • Expensive
  • Bad bearing after years of usage

Why should Buy Makita?

An 18V battery in a lithium-ion slide-style is the largest cableless tool line-up in the world. In their classes, Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the fastest charging times, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.


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3. Milwaukee- Fastback II Flip Utility Knife

The Milwaukee FASTBACK II Flip Utility Knife features press and flip, a one-handed blade opening for easy activation, and unlocks the blade up to 3x faster than a 2-handed opening. However, any knife tool or sharp stuff isn’t that safe but this Milwaukee utility knife has enough safety features to reduce risks and hazards.Fastback II Flip Utility Knife for cutting drywall

Special Attributes of Fastback knife

  • Best for wire stripping, marking, normal cuts
  • Gut hooks provide enclosed cutting
  • All metal construction
  • Flip-flop blades and knives
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to carry
  • Replaceable blades

Technical Details/ Specifications

Model MIL48221902
Item weight 2.82 oz
Dimension 11.54 x 4.92 x 1.18 inches
Color Red
Power N/A
Material Metal

Reasons to Buy

  • Precision cutting
  • Best for marking or pointing on drywalls
  • Superb utility knife
  • Safe push button
  • Comes with a spare blade
  • Top-quality material structure

Reasons to Avoid

  • Risky for kids
  • Not good for deep cuts

Why should Buy Fastback?

It still has zero problems. The whole knife feels very comfortable and robust, it’s quick and simple to change blades, and everything is sealed with screws, making maintenance dead easy. If you’re going to use this all day, we much prefer the smaller, simpler original to open.


4. DEWALT Max Drywall Cut-Out Tool

A 26,000 rpm motor is provided in this DEWALT MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall tool, which can be used for quick cuts in drywall, acoustic roof tiles, sandblasted wood, etc. A tool-free bit change enables a simple and easy change of the bit. It has a LED indicator to work in dark areas.DEWALT DCS551B 20V Max Drywall Cut-Out Tool

Special Facilities of DCS551B

  • Good for drywalls, ceiling tiles, false ceilings
  • Fast, adjustable bit depth
  • Easy round cuts, angular cuts
  • Luminous LED indicator
  • Both corded and cordless features

Technical Specifications

Model DCS551B
Item weight 2 lbs
Dimension 3.98 x 3.75 x 10.5 inches
Color Black yellow
Power 20 watts
Material Plastic
Battery 2 x Li-ion


  • 3y limited warranty
  • Huge battery life
  • Plenty of output power
  • 26k rpm motor
  • Good performance for years


  • Bit louder
  • Battery and charger not included, sold separately

Why should Buy DCS551B?

This one has a lot more power compared to the regular cutting tool. Don’t spin as fast as the Makita, however, it’s as if you’re cutting through the air with the window and door, but for drywall. Light to match your palm, and small diameter. This is the tool you need if you are making holes in drywall. Fast, clean, and very precise cuts with a guide. Highly recommended for what this tool does, and very good value. Not as much dust as you would imagine, either.


5. Milwaukee Cordless Cutting Saw For Cutting Drywall

Milwaukee products are top-class in all hardware grounds. This Milwaukee 2719-20 model is a fantastic smooth-cutting saw for drywalls and PVC pipes. It has a strong brushless motor with a faster rotation speed. Moreover, the tool is safe, ergonomic, and sturdy decorated. Smart-looking handles give this tool a great outlook and shape as well.Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL Hackzall Bare Tool for cutting drywall

Special Characteristics

  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Advanced cordless tool for diverse renovation works
  • Excellent design and color
  • Versatile craftsmanship
  • Flexible, unique handle
  • Stainless, high-quality saw blade

Technical Details

Model 2719-20
Item weight 4.55 lbs
Dimension 4.4 x 14.8 x 6.8 inches
Color Black red
Voltage 18 volts
Material Metal, plastic
Battery 1 x Li-ion


  • Best for PVC, drywalls, deep cuts
  • Cuts as smooth as butter
  • Heavy-duty and easy-to-use
  • Powerful, lightweight design
  • Pruning blades
  • 2y warranty and 30 days risk-free trial


  • Expensive

Why should Buy Milwaukee?

The most fascinating and phenomenal feature of this Milwaukee 2719-20 model is that it can cut anything. Not only drywall but also it cuts PVC pipes, thick rubbers, compacted paper, plywood, and soft aluminum sheets. The versatility of this tool made it classy stuff for DIYers and mechanics. Though a little expensive, we recommend this Milwaukee cutting saw for your interior renovation and adornments.


6. DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit For Drywall  

Not just a simple saw or drill tool but this Dewalt oscillating kit has numerous benefits while working in large sites or home DIY errands. Versatile bits and rotary gadgets can be fixed onto the motorhead. So you can use this tool kit as a drill or cutter or punching stuff. More than 27 kits are included with this package at an affordable cost.DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit

Special Features of Dewalt Kit

  • Easy to use as a drill, sander, tiles cutter, drywall cutter, plywood, PVC
  • Strong motor with a huge rotation speed
  • Dual-grip trigger (variable)
  • High-intensity LED torch
  • Cordless and elegant Li-ion battery included
  • No need to buy spare kits
  • All-application tool for DIYers
  • Lightweight and stiffer

Technical Descriptions

Model DWE315K
Item weight 12 oz
Dimension 17.25 x 5 x 9.75 inches
Color Yellow black
Power Corded-electric or cordless both
Components * Fast cut wood blade

* Sanding pad

* contractor bag

* semi-circle blade

* adapter, nail blade


  • Quick change features
  • Variable motor speed
  • Easy to work in dark areas
  • Radically interior compatible
  • 3y warranty
  • 10 feet long power cord
  • Easy to remove parts and customizable


  • Little expensive

Why should Buy Dewalt Kits?

Join Dewalt with a quick shift of the blade, infinite horsepower, and perfect balance. To keep the tool on target or pre-set the depth of the cut, add the fence guide option. Marvel at every imaginable blade option available. An online reviewer said,

“The tool is reassuringly hefty like all DeWalt tools and feels steady and stout.” “so you can be precise with the power”- he added later.


7. Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Saw

Makita has a solution with the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Saw (model XDS01Z, tool only) for straighter, more precise cutting in vertical and overhead applications. It is designed to cut holes on mounted boards, including drywall and plywood, and can use a 4.0Ah battery to cut up to 984 feet of 1⁄2 inch drywall on a single charge. Makita XDS01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out Saw for cutting drywall

Special Attributes of Makita Cut-out Saw

  • Integrated dust port and increased maneuverability
  • Dual afterglow LED lights to illuminate the work area
  • Non-marring plastic base cover protection
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Rubberized soft-grip handle

Technical Aspects

Model XDS01Z
Item weight 3.55 lbs
Dimension 3.5 x 11.3 x 9.8 inches
Color Teal
Power 18 volts
Components Cut-Out Saw Blade, Drywall, 1 pack, Cut-Out Saw Only


  • Awesome razor knife
  • Dust collector
  • Smooth cut line
  • Specialized tool for pro DIYers
  • Multi-usage stuff
  • 3y warranty
  • Great scraps removal tool


  • Battery and charger sold apart

Why should Buy this?

Makita has created Star Protection Computer Controls to improve tool performance and extend battery life. Star Protection is a communication technology that enables the tool and battery fitted with Star Protection to share data in real-time and track conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharge, and overheating. Compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the star symbol on the battery showing Star Safety inside for enhanced flexibility.


8. DeWalt Fixed Blade Utility Knife For Drywall

Apart from our previously mentioned Fastback utility knife, this Dewalt utility knife doesn’t retract or slip anytime. Lightweight design and top-quality aluminum structure made this knife an adorable one. Moreover, it comes with 10 carbide blades, rust-free, and no corrosion.DeWalt Fixed Blade Utility Knife with 15 Blades - For Drywall

Special Characteristics of Dewalt Knife

  • Pure carbide alloy made blades
  • Secure, safe, accurate blades
  • Easy to alter or replace
  • Great user value
  • Rubber thumb handle and pads
  • Best for drywall, sheet rubber, and scratching/marking

Technical Details

Item weight 9.1 oz
Dimension 9.21 x 4.61 x 1.1 inches
Color Grey
Voltage N/A
Material Aluminum, rubber
Battery N/A


  • No stress at all
  • Solid, sturdy tool for DIY
  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Rugged metal body
  • 1y warranty


  • Not good for electrical works, rather risky

Why should Buy this?

For a quick remedy or slicing, you must need a utility knife. For wire stripping, cutting & reshaping, bend cuts, curvature cuts- this Dewalt utility knife is a unique one for better performance. Top-class DIYers and technicians always keep a Dewalt utility knife in his/her collection. However, it is not recommended for kids or under-aged people because of safety.


9. Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating DIY Tool Kit

Likewise Dewalt oscillating tool kit, we recently found another great product from Dremel manufacturers. Although this product is versatile and available to marketplaces, very few people use this because of duplicate products. The real Dremel oscillating tool kit has diverse features to accomplish any large project or DIY stuff. This MM50-01 multi-purpose tool kit has a great outlook and extraordinary functions overall.Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Oscillating DIY Holiday Tool Kit for cutting drywall

Special Capabilities of MM50-01

  • Robust technology of craftsmanship
  • Low vibration and noiseless
  • Compact head
  • Unique & exclusive body shapes
  • Powerful motor with huge torque
  • Speedy blade-change capacity
  • Variable speed/rotations
  • Best for cutting, sanding, drywall, wood, metal, DIY, birthday gift

Technical Details

Dimension 15.75 x 3.44 x 8.44 inches
Color Grey
Voltage 120 v, ac, corded electric
Material 600 watts
Battery N/A
Item weight 5 lbs
Model no MM50-01
Components User manual, 30 pcs kits,

An oscillating tool, carrying bag


  • A powerful tool for workers
  • Brand blades
  • Movable head from 0o – 90o
  • Safe lock system
  • Prominent ancient tool but smarter
  • 2y warranty


  • Spare parts not available always

Why should Buy this?

The ergonomics are fine, power is greater than adequate, vibration is very moderate and silent enough to be used without ear protection. While a scraper blade would have been a nice addition, it comes with a good set of blades and sanding attachments.


10. WilFiks Razor Sharp Pro Jab Saw

You certainly need to add your WilFiks Hand jab to your contracting or gardening facilities, whether you are a specialist contractor, a gardener, or simply an individual with a hobby of seasoning or gardening. With the WilFiks handsaw, you can easily and effortlessly cut drywall, wallboard, tubing, plywoods, branches, and twigs.WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5” Pro Jab Saw, Drywall Hand Saw

Special Features of WilFiks

  • Easy to use
  • Durable structure
  • Ergonomic sturdy design
  • Faster cuts
  • A thick blade, high carbon steel made
  • Anti-slip handles

Technical Details

Dimension 14.02 x 3.39 x 0.47 inches
Item weight 4.2 oz
Model no PD-34131
Blade length 6.5 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Best jab saw for diverse usage
  • Cuts as smooth like butter
  • Affordable cost
  • Excellent handles with non-slip grips
  • Heatproof and high-quality material

Reasons to Avoid

  • No warranty included
  • Seems like a kitchen saw

Why do we recommend this?

Highly sharp and very simple, an excellent purchase with some excellent price. It took a minute to cut down an enormous dead palm frond that could not be reached with a power saw or hacksaw. The handle grip is comfortable and powerful, just an excellent all-around product for the price we recommend for all suitable household uses.


11. Milwaukee Cordless Cut Out Tool

With a 4-pole motor, the compact spiral saw delivers fast cuts. To defend against abusive circumstances, Milwaukee cordless cut out tool offers overload security. The best ergonomics in class allow for improved relaxation during work during the day. Tool-free depth change, LED light, and top vent to blow away debris are other functions. Milwaukee 2627-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut Out Tool

Special Features of Milwaukee Cordless

  • Brushless high-efficiency engine
  • Advanced cordless option for various renovation operations
  • Outstanding style and color
  • Polyvalent craftsmanship
  • Unique, flexible handle
  • High-quality, stainless-cut saw blade

Technical Specifications

Dimension 3.8 x 10.8 x 4.5 inches
Item weight 1.85 lbs
Model no 2627-20
Battery 1 x Li-ion
Material Metal
Speed 28000 rpm
Power source Cordless


  • Super lightweight
  • Smooth operation
  • Adorable shape and color
  • Elegant stuff for drywall
  • Reputed manufacturers
  • 5y warranty


  • No bag or case
  • Not available due to covid19

Why should Buy Milwaukee?

This Milwaukee 2627-20 model’s most seductive and wonderful feature is that it can cut everything. PVC pipes, dense rubbers, compacted paper, plywood, and soft aluminum sheets are cut not only by drywall but also. The versatility of this instrument for DIYers and mechanics made it classy stuff. Although a little expensive, for your interior renovation and ornaments, we recommend this Milwaukee cutting saw.


12. DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun & Cut-out

A complete set of screw gun and cut out drills. Already Dewalt products have great esteem from clients. This DCK263D2 has been designed ergonomically to reduce fatigue and offers the optimal operating time for several different jobs. The Cut Out Tool provides a dust-sealed switch for the long-term safety of the instrument. It features a 26,000 rpm speed that provides fast drywall cutting, acoustic ceiling tiles, plywood, etc. You can check also Best Pocket Screwdriver

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun & Cut-out Tool

Special Qualities of DCK263D2

  • Screw gun and cut out combo kit
  • Durable Li-ion batteries
  • Fuel gauge indicators on both devices
  • Standard rotation of 26k rpm
  • LED lamp on both tools for darkness tasks
  • Brushless motor with max. run time

Technical Descriptions

Dimension 15.81 x 16.06 x 11.81 inches
Item weight 2 lbs
Model no DCK263D2
Battery 1 x Li-ion (on each)
Components Battery, accessories, bare-tools
Speed 26000 rpm
Power source 20 V
Avg. battery life 24 h


  • A combo toolset
  • Cordless devices
  • High-quality structure
  • Fwd/Rev rotation
  • Efficient tools for DIY
  • 3y warranty



Why should Buy DCK263D2?

It boosts up the job really, really good for wide areas but not so good in tight spots. On the siding, drywall, and wood, the cutout instrument works well, but buy extra bits as they are delicate.


13. Hole Pro X-230: New Product

Looking for some big holes on drywalls but can’t do your way? Well, no worries. This Hole Pro X-230 can make bigger holes without any dust. Sounds crazy? But true, this newly imported product has a wider dust collector around the drill bits. Even the edge of cutting areas is smoother like butter. Super furnished and ergonomic design. This tool is recently trending for drywalls, plywood, soft metals, and particle boards.Pro Hole Saw Cutter Cuts Plywood Sheetrock Plaster Fiberglass

Special Features of X-230

  • Dual blades for smooth cuts
  • Unique shaft
  • Carbide shaft tip
  • Ergonomic carrying case
  • Alterable blades
  • Best for dust collection. The dust collector is the main attraction of this tool
  • Versatile device for drywall, plywood, sheetrock, plaster, ceiling tiles

Technical Details

Dimension 13 x 13 x 5 inches
Item weight 2 lbs
Model no X230
Material Plastic, carbide, composite
Blade length 9.25 inch
Diameter 11 inch

Reasons to Buy

  • Outstanding performer for dust collection
  • Cuts like butter
  • Faster shipping and customer care
  • Leaves smooth edges always
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • Superb carrying case, square-shaped
  • 3y warranty

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good for small holes
  • Need eye-protection while working

Why should Buy X230?

Mostly this tool is needed for ceiling works, drywall bigger holes, large PVC cavity cuts, and soft metal holes. This is an updated version of the previous one. Provides the utmost user satisfaction and value. For large projects or wider spaces, you should purchase this one. Furthermore, it keeps dust away from cutting areas.


14. BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw

If you need a beast, don’t hesitate to take this mini-giant tool from Black Decker for cutting drywall. Lots of people shift their dwellings every year in America and Canada. Downtown and forest areas are full of gigantic trees and those are needed to cut or uproot. This reciprocating saw has a strong motor inside and relevant blades that cut trunks smoothly, within a short time. Besides, it works pretty well with drywalls as well.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

Special Attributes of Black+Decker

  • Strong powerful motor
  • Requires little input voltage of 20v only
  • Versatile and convenient for users
  • Great cutter for wood logs
  • Cuts thick drywalls
  • Ergonomic and stiffer craftsmanship

Technical Attributes


Reasons to Buy

  • For thick drywalls, wooden logs, sheetrock, gypsum sheets, fiberglass sheets
  • Best affordable price
  • Easy to repair or maintenance
  • Available in marketplaces
  • Good for the stormy region of America, Alaska, Australia, South America
  • 1y warranty

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavyweight and vibrant
  • Batteries and charger sold separately

Why should Buy this?

Great for power cutters, in a word. This Black+Decker motor is an outstanding performer all the time. Huge power with chaos occasionally. We recommend this saw for lumberjack and drywall workers.


15. Klein Tools Folding Drywall Saw

It can rip or tear your tool bag by holding a drywall saw. There is no need for taped-up, handmade sheaths, or large holes in your tool pouch with the Klein Tools folding drywall Saw. As solid as a fixed blade saw, the fast-cutting carbon steel blade folds smartly into the comfort-grip handle.Klein Tools 31737 Folding Jab Saw

Special Attractions of Klein Tools for Cutting Drywall

  • Coiled handle to make palming of the saw easier
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle grip
  • Hole with a lanyard for tethering
  • Crafted to cut drywall, wallboard, plywood, plastic, and other materials
  • Durable, carbon alloy steel blade
  • Best for quick cuts
  • Easy to carry in a pocket

Technical Descriptions

Dimension 1.45 x 1.74 x 11.87 inches
Item weight 8.6 oz
Model no 31737
Material Plastic, carbon steel, rubber grips
Blade length 5.2 inch


  • Good for drywalls, kitchens, jab
  • Comes with tools belt
  • Huge durability
  • Elegant shape and outlook
  • Folding saw length is so tiny
  • 1y warranty


  • Joint screws can be loosened for long-term usage

Why should Buy this?

The swivel feels super rough and looks like it’s going to last a long time. It locks in an angled position and very solidly extends fully. The handle base is smooth, making it very convenient to tap into Sheetrock.


What is Drywall?

Some people often mismatch drywall with sheetrock or plywood. Because all of those look alike. However, drywall is made of gypsum, paper, and fiberglass. Durable, inflammable, and pretty lightweight enough to move from one place to another. Mostly drywalls are used for interior walls, ceilings, damped walls, conference halls, theatres, office decor, and grocery stores. Drywall has some common names like plasterboard, gypsum panel, and sheetrock.

Pros of Drywall

  • Non-flammable, water absorber
  • Easy to install, maneuver, modify, or reshape
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Less expensive
  • Flexible to paint on or stick wallpapers
  • Less time consumption in large construction works
  • Customizable, smart, innovative, and versatile

Cons of Drywall

  • Cannot block sound properly as plaster walls do
  • Giant sheets are hard to reform or design
  • Biochemical hazards occur due to drywall wastage and dust

Albeit there are some avoidable reasons, drywalls are perfect for interior walls, decor & modification, electrical wall cover, and factory shields. A large number of high-rise buildings, residential areas, industries, corporations use this drywall in America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.


How to Choose The Best Tools for Cutting Drywall

People and workers often face problems choosing the best tools for cutting drywall because these tools are sensitive; without proper usage, these can be faulty, malfunctioned, waste of time & money as well. To simplify these hindrances, we guessed the most common factors before purchase any. Let’s have a look at the following steps.

Size & Functionality

Size matters for bigger projects or drywalls. The bigger project you handle, the stronger tools you need. It depends on your project weight, functionality, durability, and finishing tasks. Makita, Dewalt products are better in their sizes. Motor strength and rotation are important for smooth cuts. Drywall needs to cut in-depth and hasty areas sometimes. So a heavy rotation motor with high torque and material is a must for construction or renovation works.

Cordless or Corded Tools for Cutting Drywall

Recent technology developed innovative wireless devices that made our daily life comfy, soothing, and cozy. Most tools we use are wired tools, long creepy wires, power estimation botheration, and many unnecessary causes. However, a cordless tool is easy to port anywhere, lightweight, smooth functioning, and overall cozier for workers. But if you’re working on a big project, you need corded drywall cutters for motor strength.

Cheap or Expensive

Cheaper things not good for longevity or durable works. The material used in that stuff is low-quality substances at random. On the contrary, expensive tools are durable, foolproof, less complex, and no need for higher maintenance or troubleshooting. Besides, an expensive tool doesn’t malfunction anytime. They are well-made in materials. But if you have a low budget or smaller project, you can pick a cheaper one from our top 15 products.

Blade Stability

For drywall cutters, blades are vital and the key concern for perpetual tasks. Bigger diameter blades can cut deep on drywalls. But if any difficulties or rough edges on the blade’s way, it would rather break or blunt. Medium diameter blades are better in this case. For a 6 x 6 sq. feet drywall, we recommend 10// diameter blades. For larger areas, it is good to use 12// diameter blades at least. Moreover, monthly or half-yearly maintenance of a blade can enhance its stability and durability as well.

Worker’s Comfortability

Brand products like Milwaukee, Dremel, Makita tools are great performers always. These tools have enormous user value, prolific reputation, and worker satisfaction for a long time. Most DIYers, renovation workers, carpenters, painters said to us about the best performance of Milwaukee and Dewalt tools. At affordable costs, you get the utmost comfortability from these manufacturers.


Which Tool To Use for Cutting Drywall

Drywalls aren’t strong enough to use a chainsaw or heavy-duty cutting drills. Mostly these walls are softer, stiffer, easy to move or fixation, portable, and customizable. From a simple knife to a large drill saw, numerous tools are used to cut drywall. Earlier in this review article, we’ve shown the top 15 best tools for cutting drywall. Among those, you’ll find simpler knives, larger drills, and affordable cutters. However, in the following section, we’re going to discuss which tool to use for cutting drywall.

Cutting Knives

Unlike smooth blades or stiletto, these knives are a bit different. These are not our regular kitchen knives or vegetable knives. Specially made of pure cast iron with sawtooth edges. Sharp, elegant, lightweight, and stiffer are the major attributes of these cutting knives. For small drywall, simple holes, edge cuts, finishing cuts, scratching, little depth cuts- these knives are easy to handle and works faster enough. Furthermore, they are cheap in price, affordable, portable anywhere.

Drill Saws

Dewalt and Makita manufacturers colossally produce drill saws for cutting drywall. From medium rotation motor to high-torque ones, these drill saws are perfect for wider drywall of 6/ x 6/ or more areas. Drill saws are easy to handle, movable anywhere in a room, work superb, and have a good shape for user security. Larger projects, renovation works, construction, and office interior works rely on these drill saws mostly because of their accurate finishing. To make sections or partitions, drill saws are the best choice for workers. you can check also – Impact Driver vs Drill

Tool Kits

It is good having a tool kit where every stuff is included. Purchasing individual products is expensive sometimes. For example, a drywall worker can buy a drywall cutter (saw/knife), safety gloves & helmets, blades, maintenance oil, dust collector, chisel, and many tiny things that are required. Nevertheless, a tool kit box or package can remove the complexity of workers. In these tool kits, a user has everything he/she wants. From oscillating tools to rubber washers, everything included in these tool kits package. Different sizes of blades and batteries are included as well to work without hesitating.


How to Cut Drywall Easily & Safely

A drywall renovation causes few hassles during worktime. For example, it produces lots of dust, noise, improper measurements, wrong blades, and no usage of alignment stuff. Moreover, there’s a safety issue for workers as well. However, there are numerous options to remove these barriers. In this section, you’ll learn how to cut drywall easily & safely.

Drywall Cutting

If you have prepared with all tools & accessories, you can start cutting drywalls. Usually, all drywall comes with a thin, sturdy paper cover around the drywall material. As this is a gypsum material, it needs some rigid and waterproof covers to protect the substance from air or moisture. Now follow the below steps-

  • Mark cutting areas with the utility knife or pencil, on the paper cover. Sketch on both sides according to the straight line of any single side.
  • After marking, press on the utility knife to cut deeply in the drywall. And use rulers to keep the cutting line straight.
  • Repeat the same process for other sides. Then split both parts and remove the paper cover from those. However, if it is hard to cut with the utility knife, use drywall cutting saws like Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee.
  • As your room design sketch or plan, mark corresponding holes, electrical holes, pipelines, dashboards, switchboards, etc.
  • Use keyhole saws to cut these areas. Cut these sections accurately because these are sensitive parts of a room.
  • To furnish or smoothen the rough edge of drywall, use a grinder or sanding blocks.
  • Fix the drywall with 2// or more cork-screws with the help of impact drivers.
  • Once the fittings are ready, inspect or check if any odd things have been done yet.

Safety Issues

User safety is our major concern because we want every DIYer or worker to do their job with the appropriate safeguard issues. To ensure this, we figured out some special key points to share with-

  • Always use eye-protector glasses while cutting drywall.
  • Ensure if there’s any dust collector or not. Without a dust collector, it would be a clumsy and dusty workplace.
  • If you’re weak or sick, we don’t recommend you working with heavy-duty drills or saws. Furthermore, we also disagree to work on a ceiling if you cannot lift a drywall saw/drill properly. you can check also – How to Use a Cordless Drill as a Screwdriver?
  • Use hand gloves/working gloves to protect your hands from vibration and dust.
  • Always wear high boots, a flat sole, and electrical shockproof.

Besides, there are lots of physical, ecological, environmental, and personal safety issues to be followed. Due to the lack of time, we couldn’t explain those all. Later in another article, we’ll discuss vividly.


Master The Basics of Drywall

Note that when you cut around windows and doors, it generally covers at least one inch. Of the drywall surrounding it, so you can afford broader tolerances. A 1/2-in space can also make it easier to add wood trim between the opening frame and the drywall. Using just enough strength to barely cut the paper while scoring with a utility knife. Only dull knives and a strained wrist can result from cutting deeply into the gypsum heart. You’ll find that the paper begins to tear behind the knife edge when you score when the blade stops cutting cleanly. That is when it’s time for the blades to adjust.

Tools & Accessories

To cut better and in a balmy way, you must need the following tools for drywall cuts.

  • Utility knife
  • Drywall saw
  • Sanding block
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight edge/ruler
  • Keyhole saw/grinder
  • Level meter (horizontal + vertical)

You have to mark the cutting area with scratching or lining with the utility knife. Not harder and not deeper. Simple, gently presses can do.

Drywall saws are hand-driven saw like a carpenter’s saw. But these saws have less sharp edges than a regular woodcutter saw.

Sanding blocks are used to sand the target area or sometimes it’s seen to hone the raw edges.

Measuring tapes and rulers are essential for accuracy. Interior decors need a lot of diverse measurements to finish the sidewalls, ceilings, or floor blocks.

Grinder or keyhole saws are perfect for making and smoothing rough edges of a circular hole. Moreover, a circular disc grinder can polish drywall edges.

Level meters or indicators spot the alignment of drywall settings. It reduces curvature or angular variations of drywall blocks.

Enable the doors with single drywall at all times. Vulnerable to stress cracks are joints that fall in line with the edges of openings. It is much easier to prevent joints from falling over the center of openings because wood trim is difficult to spread over built-up tape joints.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tool to cut drywall?

Due to the advancement of technology, recently top-class manufacturers produce user-friendly tools & accessories for DIYers. For drywall, we usually recommend utility knives, jab saws, circle cutters, keyhole saws. Some subsidiary accessories are needed as well for better-looking decor- sander, grinder, adjustable level meters. However, we suggest buying Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee products for their versatility and durability.

Can a Dremel cut drywall?

Yes, Dremel can cut drywall easily. Dremel cuts heftier and heavyweight stuff like hardwood, softwood, fiberglass, plastic, laminate, and aluminum vinyl sheets. But nowadays they created lots of drywall cutting tools and kits for user convenience.

What is the difference between drywall and sheetrock?

Both are the same in real practice. Drywall is made of gypsum rock, sturdy, ergonomic designed with top-class craftsmanship. Sheetrock is a brand of the USA-based construction association. Sheetrock is the drywall with just an authorized approval in America.

Is drywall expensive than paneling?

Just the reverse. Drywall is cheaper than paneling. Paneling takes cost and time. Heavy-duty tools, machinery, accessories, and manpower work relentlessly to finalize a paneling work. And if the paneling is metallurgic, then it takes more time and cost. On the other hand, drywall is cheap, lightweight, easy to build or design, and worker-amicable. Panels are made of hardwood, aluminum bar, iron rod, plywood. Drywall is a pure gypsum material stuff.

Is jigsaw good for drywall cutting?

A jigsaw can cut numbers of variable holes in the drywall sheet including geometrical shapes. Jigsaws are heavier, bulky, and heftier enough to cut intensely. Unlike drywall cutting saws, a jigsaw can make more designative and distinct shapes like rectangle, circle, polygons, hexagons, and scattered symmetrical patterns.

What is the cheapest wall material?

As far as interior wall materials go, drywall is a pretty cheap choice. Depending on the size and the installation per sq., a sheet of drywall will cost anywhere from $9 to $15. The foot is around $1.50; when you look at the construction of a home, that’s a reasonably decent amount. However, the only thing that beats this price is plywood, if you are looking for an even cheaper alternative. These materials cost about $600 or $530, mounted in a 450 sq., respectively.


Final Recommendations

Drywall isn’t that newly developed one in this modern uprising world where day by day the construction sites are evolving. Both interior and exterior decorations face drastic limitations before and after. This drywall has removed a lot of odd moments during any interior works. All the tools we reviewed here are nifty and easy to use. Moreover, the buyer’s guide will provide a lot of ideas to pick the best tools for cutting drywall. Later on, we’ll show you more tools, reviews, prices, and user values. Feel free to ask us anytime and share this article with your DIY lover friends. We always admire your suggestions and expectations for us.

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