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2PCS Razor Blade Scraper Glass Cooktop Scraper & Paint Scraper, Window Decal, Car Sticker and Glue Remover Razor Holder with 30 Extra Razor Blades
2PCS Razor Blade Scraper Glass Cooktop Scraper & Paint Scraper, Window Decal, Car Sticker and...
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Razor Blade Scraper,Long-Handle Putty Knife,with 10 Blades Set Paint Scraper for Wood,Window Glass Wallpaper Remover,Painting Stripping Tools,Tile Adhesive Removal 4-inch (Scraper with Blades Set)
Razor Blade Scraper,Long-Handle Putty Knife,with 10 Blades Set Paint Scraper for Wood,Window...
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Wagner Spraytech 0513040 PaintEater Electric Palm Grip Paint Removal Sanding Kit, Orbital Disc Sander
Wagner Spraytech 0513040 PaintEater Electric Palm Grip Paint Removal Sanding Kit, Orbital Disc...
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WEUPE Razor Blade Scraper Tool: Window Scraper, Glass Cooktop Scraper & Paint Scraper, Car Decal, Sticker and Glue Remover Razor Holder with 5 Replaceable Single Edge Blades
WEUPE Razor Blade Scraper Tool: Window Scraper, Glass Cooktop Scraper & Paint Scraper, Car Decal,...
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Stardrops - The Pink Stuff - The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste
Stardrops - The Pink Stuff - The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste
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Pro Grade - Paint Brushes - 5 Ea - Paint Brush Set
Pro Grade - Paint Brushes - 5 Ea - Paint Brush Set
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Double Edged Plastic Razor Blade Scrapers Knife with Contoured Grip for Scraping Labels and Decals Sticker From Glass, Windshields and Auto Window Tint Vinyl Tool Application(Scraper with 10 Blades)
Double Edged Plastic Razor Blade Scrapers Knife with Contoured Grip for Scraping Labels and...
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Bates- Single Edge Razor Blade, 50 pc, Razor Blades Scraper, Razor Blades Single Edge, Scraper Blades, Flat Razor Blade, One Edge Razor Blade, Single Sided Razor Blade, Single Edge Blades, Razor blade
Bates- Single Edge Razor Blade, 50 pc, Razor Blades Scraper, Razor Blades Single Edge, Scraper...
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Scrigit Scraper Scratch Free Plastic Scraper Tool, Perfect for Reaching Tight Spaces and Crevices, Easily Remove Food, Labels, Paint, Grease and More- 2pk
Scrigit Scraper Scratch Free Plastic Scraper Tool, Perfect for Reaching Tight Spaces and...
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HYDE Contour Scraper with 6 Changeable Blades , multicolor - 10450
HYDE Contour Scraper with 6 Changeable Blades , multicolor - 10450
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Are you looking for ways to remove paint on a surface with minimal efforts? If yes, you need a paint scraper. Like other tools for DIY and professional projects, many brands are making scrapers. So, a simple google search may give you endless options, some impressive and some disappointing.

However, when looking for a scraper for your work, the primary goal is to find a tool that will help you save time and easy use. Finding a balance between the two factors without changing the price of a tool is sometimes complicated and unattainable. However, all is not lost if you spend more time looking at the right places.

Best Paint Scraper

What Is The Best Paint Scraper?

The definition of the best paint scraper depends on who is using it and, more importantly, their experience. Some tools are from known companies, while some paint scrapers are from generic brands. Therefore, you can get a good tool at all price points.

Since you are looking for the best options, you should weigh your budget and the best possible scrapers. You may be forced to make some sacrifices such as specs. Fortunately, all the tools highlighted below are unmatched, regardless of your experience scrapping paints on walls and surfaces.



Product Name

Our Rating



WEUPE Razor Blade Window Paint Scraper

Best Pick

WEUPE Razor Blade Window Paint Scraper


Toughest Tools Paint Scraper

Standerd Pick

Toughest Tools Paint Scraper


 790 Strip N Clean Scraper for Concrete

Silver Pick

 790 Strip N Clean Scraper for Concrete


Top 10 Best Paint Scraper Reviews

Even though there are tens of brands making paint scrapers, not all are ideal for your work. Some may be expensive without corresponding efficiency, while others may not be as durable as expected. However, the paint scrapers highlighted below are unmatched for professionals and everyday use.

#1: Wagner Spraytech Electric Paint Scraper Machine

Are you looking for an electric paint scraper for your project? The new Wagner Spraytech is unmatched for both professionals and hobbyists. The palm sander is also perfect for projects requiring smooth finishes, especially when preparing a wall for fresh paint.Wagner Spraytech 0282180 Wagner 0513040 PaintEater

Besides its ability, the scraper has one of the best designs. The ergonomic design makes it perfect for extensive projects and long hours of working. Also, you can change the handle, thanks to the re-tractability feature.

Unique Features

The features that make the electric paint scraper perfect include:

Open-web construction

The scraper has an open-web design which is helpful in two ways. First, it gives the machine an ergonomic design which helps in projects requiring accuracy.  Second, the design is unmatched in minimizing dust and paint build-ups.

A 3.2 amp performance

Since the machine is primarily for professionals, the motor must be powerful and handle complex projects. Luckily, this amp has a 3.2 amp ability which makes it exceptional in two ways. First, you use less energy to complete the tasks in time. Second, the powerful motor saves on human resources, especially if you run a painting company.

Why should you buy this scraper?

The reasons why this scraper is worth checking are:

  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ideal for professionals and hobbyists
  • More amp power for extensive work


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#2: WEUPE Razor Blade Window Paint Scraper

The WEUPE Razor scraper is a small but essential tool for painters. Even though it is not electric, it has impressive features, regardless of your job description as a painter.  The ability to use any of the five razors, for example, is unmatched. Besides its razors, the WEUPE scraper is also safe to carry. Based on these factors, it is worth checking.WEUPE Razor Blade Scraper Tool

Unique Features

The characteristics that put this scraper different from the rest include:

It comes with five blades.

The WEUPE scraper comes with five blades. Although they are identical, they have many uses. For example, one of the blades is unmatched when smothering rough surfaces. Others are spare parts in case one of them breaks in the course of your work.


When preparing walls and surfaces for painting, it is easy to cut yourself or those near you. However, the WEUPE scraper is different. The handle is also unmatched. When working on a rough surface, it is hard for the blade to slide from your hand.

It is easy to carry

You can retrieve the blades when not using them. Thanks to this feature, you can put the WEUPE blade in your work bag without worrying about other items in your bag. Also, the scraper is easy to carry, thanks to its weight and design.

Why should you buy WEUPE scrapers?

The four reasons why the WEUPE scraper is worth checking include:

  • Durable
  • safe to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic design


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#3: Toughest Tools Paint Scraper

The paint scraper is part of the company’s commitment to making unique tools for professionals. As a result, the tool has some of the most impressive specs in this niche. For example, the scraper feels excellent on the hand, thanks to its ergonomic handle. Also, you can do more with the scraper than just removing paint on the surfaces. For example, you can remove caulk and gum on the wall at ease.Toughest Tools

Besides its features, the Toughest paint scraper is a safe buy. In addition, the company’s policy of a money-back guarantee makes it an ideal option for painters who are uncertain whether it is a good buy or not.

Unique Features

the unique features that make the Toughest paint scraper an ideal buy for professionals and other users include:

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Ergonomic handle

The first iconic feature of this scraper is the soft ergonomic handle. Unlike most options, the handle makes it easier to do more without hurting the hands. Besides comfort, the soft handle fits on all hands. So regardless of your hand size, this scraper will give you a better working experience.

Carbon steel blade

The carbon steel blade is also unmatched, primarily if you work on all walls and surfaces. Unlike other painting duties, removing the old paint requires a strong blade, preferably steel. The tool is unique because it uses carbon steel, which is lighter and durable.

Why should you buy the Toughest scraper?

The tool is worth your money because of four reasons. They include:

  • Durable
  • Light
  • Stronger
  • Ergonomic handle
  • multi-functionality


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#4: IVY Classic 11156 Razor Paint Scraper Blade

IVY Classic is an all-metal scraper for painters and users interested in the handy tool. Even though it is a purely metallic tool, it has some of the best safety features. In addition, the features help in carrying the scraper and putting it together with other tools.IVY Classic 11156 Razor Blade

Besides its construction and safety, the IVY Classic blade is perfect for all projects. While it may not be excellent in some complex tasks, the scraper is one of the few balanced options on this list. You can use it to clean labels apart from cleaning paint.

Unique Features

The scraper is ideal because of the following characteristics.

Carbon steel blades

The scraper comes with five carbon steel blades. Unlike other options, the blades are unmatched in two ways. First, the carbon steel blade is exceptionally sharp, especially when removing paint on rough surfaces. Second, the choice of the blade makes the scraper durable, especially if you prefer durable tools.

Retractable blade

Once done working with the scraper, it is easy to put it on your pocket or tools bag, thanks to the retractable blade. Besides being a safety feature, the feature helps preserve the tool from any possible contact on your tools’ bag.

Why should you buy the IVY Classic scraper?

The scraper is a perfect buy for four reasons:

  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • More spare blades
  • Ideal for multiple uses


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#5: Warner Manufacturing 790 Strip N Clean Scraper for Concrete

Warner 790 Strip scraper is an ideal option for professionals looking for a heavy-duty tool. Besides being well balanced in terms of weight, the scraper is perfect for multiple projects. For example, you can use it to remove paint on tiles and walls. While it is not as electric as some options, it does the work perfectly.Warner Manufacturing 790 Strip N

The scraper is also durable, regardless of the work. It is, therefore, ideal for long-term usage. Surprisingly, the durability of this tool does not affect the price. It is still one of the reasonably priced items on the list.

Unique Features

The two features that make the Warner 790 Strip scraper ideal for your work include:

Die-cast aluminum head

The die-cast aluminum head is the most important feature that makes the scraper a must-buy tool. First, it makes it easy to remove paint from all surfaces at ease. Also, the head is unmatched when working on rough surfaces that need more strength.

Non-slip grip

The non-slip grip is another feature that makes the scraper an ideal tool for professionals. In some cases, you need to have a better grip to minimize accidents and increase the work speed. Thanks to the non-slip grip, it is possible to have control of the tool when working.

Why should you buy the Warner 790 Strip scraper?

The scraper is worth checking for four reasons:

  • Safe
  • Durable
  • feel great on hand
  • Ideal for more tasks, apart from scraping paint


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#6: Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper for Wood

Are you looking for a scraper that is ergonomic and works fine? Then, the Bahco 665 Carbide Scraper is a perfect buy for you. The design of the tool also makes it an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyist painters. Besides, the grip makes the device a comfortable option, especially when working for hours.Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper

The carbide blade is also unmatched. It is well-placed, making it firm and easy to remove. Also, the blade makes the tool one of the most ergonomic tools for painters.

Unique features

Bahco 665 Carbide Scraper features include:

Plastic knob

The plastic knob is a perfect addition when working on heavy-duty projects. Some projects require you to use both of your hands for maximum efficiency. Besides efficiency, the knob makes the tool ideal for professionals that need more stable tools.

Maximum comfort

The comfort on the scraper is second to none. First, it fits all hands, making it easy to work on intensive projects for long hours. Second, the scraper has one of the best handles for prolonged projects. While you will eventually get tired, the well-shared handle helps to push the limits.

Easy to replace the blades

The ease of replacing the blades makes the tool a perfect companion for professionals. Unlike some options, which are hard to replace the blades, it takes less than a minute to replace a worn-out blade.

Why should you buy the Bahco 665 Scraper?

The four reasons why you should consider this blade include:

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ideal for intensive tasks


#7: Werx Rite RetroGuard Scraper for Glass

The Werx Rite RetroGuard Scraper is a lightweight blade for all types of uses. Although the lightness of the blade may make it less efficient in some intensive projects, it is perfect for day-to-day tasks. It makes removing paint on surfaces and walls easier, even if you are not an experienced painter.Werxrite RetraGuard Razor Blade Scraper Induction Hob Glass Cooktop Stovetop

Besides its usability, the scraper is easy to carry, thanks to two safety features. For example, once you are done using the tool, you use the manual guard to protect the blade from getting into a contract with other tools. Also, the thick walls protect the blade from harming you, even while working on your walls.

Unique features

The features that make this scraper one of the best buys for professionals and everyday users include:

Ergonomic shape

The ergonomic shape is one of the most iconic features of Werx Rite RetroGuard Scraper. It makes it easier to use it on different surfaces without feeling tired. Also, the design makes it lighter and easy to carry around.

The scraper does not rust easily.

Thanks to its construction and choice of materials, the scraper does not rust. While you will need to replace the blades after some time, the anti-rusting feature makes the tool durable and safe to use.

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Why should you buy the Werx Rite RetroGuard Scraper?

The four reasons why this scraper is worth your money include:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect for all projects
  • Easy to use


#8: Red Devil 4164 Scraper Brush

The Red Devil 4164 scraper is a simple yet one of the most effective tools for painters. Besides painters, other professionals can use the tool, especially when working on rough surfaces such as walls and metal surfaces. The steel brushes can remove old paint in record time.Red Devil 4164 13-Inch Soft Grip Stainless Steel Wire Brush with Scraper

Even though the tool is handy, you do not need to use a lot of power when working on rough surfaces. The grip, for example, makes the tool one of the few options where one uses less power without affecting the final results.

Unique features

The features that make the Red Devil 4164 scraper unique for professional painters include:

Improved grip

The quality of grip makes the Red Devil 4164 scraper one of the best options in the market. Regardless of your hands’ size or power, the tool feels excellent. The improved grip also makes it a perfect buy for intensive work and when working for long hours.

The steel brushes

Where the blades are limited, the steel brushes do an impressive job. For example, when removing paint on a larger surface, it is easier to use steel brushes instead of blades, thanks to their ability to save time without affecting the results.

Why should you invest in a Red Devil 4164 scraper?

The four primary reasons why you should consider the scraper for your work include:

  • Durability is unmatched
  • Perfect on rough surfaces
  • Comfortable on hands
  • Ideal for professionals


#9: AllwayTools CS6

The AllwayTools CS6 scraper is one of the most comfortable options for painters and professionals looking for alternatives to remove paint on surfaces. The ergonomic grip, for example, is unmatched, regardless of the intensity of the work. The tool is heavy-duty. But, thanks to its design, you do not need to use more power to complete demanding projects.

AllwayTools CS6, 6 Piece

Besides its impressive features, the AllwayTools CS6 scraper is durable. Based on its durability, the tool is one of the best options for buyers interested in saving more money by avoiding buying scrapers after several months.

Unique features

Some of the features that make the AllwayTools CS6 scraper a perfect tool for professionals include:

Ergonomic soft handle

The handle is one of the most iconic features on the AllwayTools CS6 scraper. First, it is ergonomic, and it feels great on all hands. Second, the main advantage of the handle is its ability to give you a good experience when working on extensive projects.


Regardless of your experience of using a similar scraper, the AllwayTools CS6 is a unique tool for customization. It is easy to adjust the blades to improve efficiency.  Adjusting the blade edge also helps in having total control of the pain-removing project.

Why should you buy the  AllwayTools CS6 scraper?

The main reasons why the scraper stands out in all include:

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Feels great on the hands
  • Easy to adjust the blade


#10: METABO LF724S Paint Stripper for Removing atv Paint

Are you looking for a paint stripper that is efficient and saves time? If yes, the METABO LF724S is a perfect buy for you. Unlike most tools highlighted on this list, it saves up to 70% of the time spent to complete a task. Besides saving time, the tool has an impressive design. Regardless of your prior experience in using motorized tools, it is easy to navigate and master this paint stripper.METABO LF724S PAINT STRIPPER

The METABO LF724S is also a must-have tool for complex projects. With it, you can reach even in intricate corners where other paint strippers cannot get.

Unique features

The unique features that make METABO LF724S unique in this space include:

Reversible carbide blades

The most iconic feature on the METABO LF724S is the four reversible carbide blades. Unlike most options, the blades are unmatched when doing complex tasks, especially for professional painters. Besides giving the users more freedom, they help in completing complex projects in time.

Easy to master

The ability to master a machine in record time is vital, especially when you want to use the machine on the go. The METABO LF724S machine has an easy operating manual, making it a perfect option for professionals and hobbyists.

Why should you buy the METABO LF724S?

The four reasons why the METABO LF724S is worth your money include:

  • Durability
  • Ease to use
  • Perfect for intricate projects
  • More power for professional work.


How To Choose The Right Paint Scraper

Even though there are many plastic and inexpensive scrapers, they may not be perfect for your project. When buying a tool, even from well-known brands, you should ensure they tick all these boxes.

The size of the scraper

The first decision when buying a paint scraper is size. The tools come in all sizes, between ¾ inch to 4 inches. While personal choice is the main determiner, you should pay attention to the nature of your project in this case.

If you are working on smaller spaces, like scraping dry walls, a smaller and slender tool is ideal. However, if you are working on a larger wall space, you should buy a bigger tool to save time and energy.

The material used

Different companies make scrapers from other materials. However, each material used has its ups and downs. Some of the standard options include:

Carbon steel

Carbon steel scraper is typical for two reasons. They are cheaper compared to other options. Also, the carbon steel scrapers are light. However, they rust faster than other materials. You should, therefore, wash and dry them after use.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel scrapers are common, especially for professional painters and users interested in different efficient options.  They are also flexible and smooth, especially when working on bigger projects. However, compared to carbon steel, they are expensive and heavy.


It is inadvisable to use carbon steel and stainless steel on flammable materials. In such a case, you need a scraper with a brass blade. Brass is also non-magnetic, making it perfect for all uses. However, due to its ability to work on all surfaces, it may be expensive compared to other options.

The blade design

There are two types of blades in paint scrapers.  They include:

Rigid blades

The rigid blades do not move when removing paint. Due to the sturdiness, you can easily remove big chunks of paints at ease, even if the tool is cheaper. However, if the material used is not strong enough, the force applied will force it to bend or break it.

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Flexible blades

Flexible blades, commonly known as putty knives, are the second design option. When working with a flexible scraper, it is easier to work on drywall and smooth surfaces. The ability to bend and remove paint in delicate spaces make them ideal for special projects.


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The Best Way To Use Paint Scrapers

Since scrapers may cause harm when wrongly used, it is advisable to use them correctly. Here are some pointers regarding safe use.

Understand the project

Before taking the scraper out of your toolbox, understand your assignment. If you are working on a magnetic surface, you should only use a brass blade. The same case applies if you are working on a delicate surface.

Understanding your project is ideal in two ways. First, it is hard to damage the surface you are scraping the old paint. Second, it saves time to use the right tools.

Wear the appropriate mask

Since you are removing paint from a surface, the possibility of creating a cloud of dust is high. Therefore, you should protect yourself from inhaling the dust, which may eventually cause more harms.

If you are working in a space with other workers, make it mandatory for them to use masks. If it is impossible for them to wear masks, they should vacate the room until the paint scraping is complete.

Protect your hands

Some scrapers are incredibly sharp. If you do not wear work gloves, there are high possibilities of accidents, especially when the project is intense. There are two ways to protect your hands.

First, wear right-hand gloves. If you have one in your toolbox, you do not need to buy a new one for this project. Second, be attentive when removing paint. You should not apply more than enough force to remove the old paint.


How To Use A Paint Scraper

There are many ways to use a paint user. Since there are many types of scraper, here are some of the pointers in regards to usage.

Know you scraper

Not all scrapers will help you remove paint easily. Some tools are perfect for smaller surfaces, while others are made for bigger walls. Understanding your project helps in selecting the ideal tool for your project.

Start with a steel brush.

In some walls, you may be removing debris in addition to the old paint. If you have a steel brush, start with it to avoid excessive work. However, if the walls or the painting surface is smooth and new, you should skip this option.

Start slow

Removing paint on a wall may require more planning than strength. Starting slow is one of the best ways to spend less energy without compromising the results. Also, starting slow helps gauge how much energy you need to complete the scraping in record time.

Repeat the process

In some cases, you may not remove all the old paint on the go. If that happens, repeat the process. The main goal is to remove all the old paint fast without using a lot of effort.

Wipe or wash the scraper after use

Once you have finished working with the paint scraper, you should wipe and clean it. The primary reason why you should clean it is to remove debris on its surface. In addition, the build-up of the paint from the wall may affect the tool’s sharpness and functionality.

If you are using an electric paint remover, you should find ways to clean it. Regardless of the blade shape, the process should not take more than ten minutes.

Once you have cleaned it, please keep it in a dry space; if you have a tools’ box, it is better to keep the scraper. The main advantage of keeping the tool in a dry place is to avoid rust, which may affect the tool’s functionality in future.


How To Sharpen The Scraper

Regardless of the scraper’s quality or make, you will need to sharpen it at one point. The main goal why all scrapers get rough edges is due to the nature of the work. Once the edge becomes blunt, you do not need to thought it away. Here are some of the suggestions on how to sharpen the scraper:

Get all the tools together.

The preparation stage is arguably one of the most critical steps in getting things straight. If you are using a whetstone, ensure you get the right one before starting. However, if you have a machine as opposed to a whetstone, make sure it is working.

Start slow

Once you have everything, start sharpening the scraper slowly. The main goal of having a calculated approach to sharpening the scraper is to see which movements are working and not. Taking time is also helps in avoiding accidents.

Spend more time sharpening each side

Once you have mastered the sharpening tool, it is time to make sure that the edges are sharp. Depending on the scraper and the sharpening tool, this process may take up to five minutes. The main goal is to ensure that the edges regain the sharpness.

Polish up

Once you have taken the time to sharpen each side, it’s time to polish up. In this step, you concentrate on sides you did not get right in the second step. Again, it would be best if you were careful not to oversharpen the edges.



Whether you are a professional painter or a homeowner, having a paint scraper is one of the best decisions you can make. The tool helps in removing old paint at ease and, more importantly, smooth the surfaces. In addition, the tool, unlike most items, is affordable. Also, you do not need to buy a new scraper every time you have a painting task.

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